The Sheep

It's finally time to start cutting back, I'll be slowly phasing out my shetland flock. Much as I enjoy the sheep I am reaching a point where I can no longer care for them 100% by myself. I will still keep a few around as a spinner's flock, but the sheep are too darn prolific to keep breeding:-) The sad thing is my core flock has developed into some really solid, lovely animals. I guess that isn't really sad, it's just that I don't want to see all my years of careful selection lost. Therefore, though I'll be keeping a few favorites, I'll be letting my very best go. I'm not in a huge hurry and deciding who I'll keep will require the wisdom of Solomon (which I don't happen to have).

The Sheep

An Introduction to Shetland Sheep
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Lambs 2007-European Cities
Lambs 2008-Southern Cities
Lambs 2009-The Tree Year
Lambs 2010-The Spice Year
Lambs 2012-The Tea Year
Lambs 2013-Australian Place Names
Lambs 2014-Floozies and Philanderers

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