Trip to Idaho 2011

The weather during the trip out to Dave and Heide's place in Clark Fork, Idaho was perfect, sunshine all the way, but the closer we got to Idaho the closer we got to a wet weather system moving in from the west coast. We had a few hours of sunlight the day we arrived, from then on it was either overcast or raining until the morning we left. My digital camera had been acting up before we left so I dug out my old Nikon FM and hoped I could find film and a battery for it. My SLR skills were rusty and I had chosen the wrong film speed for an overcast sky.

Here is my first impression of Dave's place, can you imagine having this view from your backyard?

This is a view of the Clark Fork River from Dave's dock just across the road from their home.

Dave and Heide moved out here 10 years ago. Their house was a simple ranch with pale blue siding when they bought it. Dave's skill with his sawmill and Heide's decorating sense have transformed their home. Who'd have guessed how well Dave's rustic woodwork would look with Heide's Vicorian flair? Cubby is keeping the threshold warm. You can see the cabin Dave and Matthew built in the background.

Click here for photos from day 2.