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Jaci's Eskie Haven


Shelbi is my first Eskie. I purchased her in Dickenson, Texas in 1992. She is my only Female and takes on mothering my three male Eskie's.

Shelbi & Theodore Bear

Theodore Bear is my second Eskie. I purchased him in Chesapeake, Virginia in 1993. He actually belongs to Shelbi, He was her birthday gift on her First Birthday.

Montana Snow

Montana was my First Rescue, and my third Eskie. I rescued him in Polson, Montana (hence the name). Mo is the trouble maker of the bunch. But with a face like that you can't help but love him.


Romeo was rescued by Lighthouse Rescues, courtesy of Kitten Jones, Via the eskie railroad. My little guy met me while I was driving across country. Romeo has stolen my Heart ever since.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my Eskie family. Please come back again soon and see frequent updates.

Have a great FUZZY day :o)...............

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