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Welcome to my photo page! It began at the request of family, friends, and my photography students. You will find landscape, travel, people, and digital photography along with photo tips and book recommendations. Enjoy your stay and come back soon!

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St. Joseph, Michigan

My photography class from the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts was at St. Joe on a field trip. The light was only so so until just before sunset, and then the sky turned glorious. Film went through all of our cameras like crazy. Shortly after this picture was taken, a large freighter sailed out of the harbor into Lake Michigan. One of the class said "You really know how to arrange a field trip." Unfortunately, the light is flat and uninteresting much more often than it is splendid. That is why great light IS great light.

My Three Fine Children

This picture was taken on July 4, 1999 in the Los Angeles, California area. These are my three children. I am very proud of them. Jared (on the left), Janae (in the center), and Jim (on the right) are enjoying a fun moment together. The occasion is Jim's wedding and there are More Wedding Pictures here.

Porphyry's Peak

This picture was taken near O'Haver Lake in the mountains of south central Colorado. This picture became my first magazine cover. It was taken on a gorgeous fall day in 1986. Everything photographic seemed to be touched with magic as I took one enjoyable picture after another. This was the year I decided I could learn to take pictures I could be proud of. O'Haver Lake has a special significance for me. My family camped here regularly when I was growing up. After I got married, my wife Melissa and I brought our children here to camp. I have a series of pictures of my children here from the time they were small until they reached their teens. You can see six of these pictures of My Children Growing up at O'Haver Lake. There are More Scenic Pictures of Colorado. There is also an interesting pair of pictures involving my family taken 20 YEARS APART.

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Created November 12, 1999