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"To Protect And Serve"

I suppose you're wondering just what is:

"The Thin Blue Line"

It stands for all the Police agencies throughout the world with the insurmountable task of fighting crime and corruption, and the insurmountable determination to do it. A handful of individuals with the awesome task of keeping the peace and I'm proud to say that I am among that elite handful.
My tenure goes back some eighteen years, first with the Detroit Police Department, then with the civilian Department of Defense, which I recently retired from after 28 1/2 years.
No matter which department your with, there's still that brotherhood, that feeling of comradery with your fellow Officers, that unity is priceless.
In closing I'd like to say "WELCOME"!
If you have any questions, or feedback pertaining to my chosen profession, or if you just want to say "Hey"!
E-mail me, lets talk.

"This is an unofficial Department of Defense website."


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