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Warning and Disclaimer:
Read the following prior to entry or risk trespassing!

We have sufficient information to believe that the US Government is monitoring the traffic on this website. While such surveillance would be illegal without cause in the real world, there is little case law or precedence to prevent governmental invasions of privacy in “cyberspace”. Regretfully, while we cannot guarantee your anonymity, we can suggest the following steps* believed to SIGNIFICANTLY hinder the government’s ability to prove your whereabouts on the web:

1) Disable all “Cookies”. (These insidious cyber-beacons assign an identifier to your computer which could be used to document your website visits. To disable them in Internet Explorer: View>Internet Options> Advanced>Scroll to “Disable all cookie use”);

2) Purge your “Internet History” and “Temporary Internet Files” after each visit. (More ways for the government to find out where you’ve been. To purge them in Internet Explorer: View>Internet Options> General>Delete Files/Clear History );

3) Finally, do not save this location as a “Bookmark” or “Favorite Place”. Instead, write down our internet address on a small piece of toilet paper that can easily be flushed in the event of a search by the ATF, EPA or other overly-empowered governmental agency.

We understand that many folks do not want additional governmental attention paid to their activities. While everything on this website is legal and protected under the First Amendment, and your visit should likewise be protected under privacy laws, precautions still need to be taken. That having been said...

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* Following the suggested steps does not constitute a promise or guarantee that your privacy will somehow be protected during your visit to this website. By entering this website, you agree to hold harmless Militious-Redneck Roulette, Sovereign Society LLC, their associates, sponsors and employees (“we”) from any resulting damages. You agree that the we are not liable for any harm, penalty, computer failure, pain, suffering, hopelessness, death or loss of income experienced as a result of your visit. You agree that we are absolved of all liability without limitation. If you do not agree with every statement in this paragraph, you are not authorized to enter this website. Unauthorized entry constitutes trespassing and may result in a court imposed penalty.