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This is Cletus!

Birthdate: 12/64 (not sure of the day)

Measurements: Chest 46, waist 34, and a real long inseam

Hobbies: Small engine repair, commenting on new regulations

Turn-ons: Vetoes, Wonder Woman

Turn-offs: New regulations, taxation and oppression


Did you know that Thomas Cletus Jefferson prefers eating small, tender midwestern snapper over the large, leathery snapper often found in the south?

Cletus is the band's lead guitarist (by default) and is believed to initiate most of the music-writing process (just because he can play the most chords). While the other members have input on whatever instrument they happen to be playing that day, Cletus usually sticks to the guitar (because he got it sticky in the first place). Cletus also doubles as the engineer on the basic tracks and plans to extend (heh - you said extend!) this role into re-mastering soon, given their censorship experience on the last CD. Cletus plays American-made Stratocaster guitars. He also plays through American-made amplifiers including a vintage 1954 Gibson (mine), a Supro (mine also) and an Ampeg Reverb Rocket. Cletus sings back-up and (the real whiny) lead vocals, and has been known to whip out a mean ham-bone solo on occasion (he's always going solo). For more information on the pride of Walkerville, click here.

(NOTE: Parenthetical comments were added by Jeremiah)