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The story of

Here you will find information about the men who "guest starred" on the Militious-Redneck Roulette CDs!

A number of you have asked for more information about two of our recurring guest musicians: Brian a.k.a. "Banjo Bob" and Jeff "X". While these men are official members of the band, we chose to follow militia protocol and keep them in a separate and independently active cell for strategic purposes. You'll be hearing more from each of these men on our next CD, as well as some special free downloads and MP3s we have planned. For now, we'll share some short biographies on our compatriots:

Hi, I'm Jeff
Jeff "X"

Jeff "X" is a highly decorated veteran of the Gulf War. A former Navy Seal, discharged with the highest of honors, Jeff "X" now tours the country in his spare time giving motivational speeches to gun enthusiasts, militia groups and other grass roots organizations. The band was fortunate enough sneak a tape recorder into one of his speeches early in 1997. (NOTE: That speech ultimately became the inspiration for the popular anthem: "I'm in the Michigan Militia") Following the speech, the boys pretended to be interested in buying some guns from Jeff "X". Cornering him at his truck, the cassette recorder was again flicked on as Jeff "X" rambled about hundreds of guns either in his possession or readily available for a price. A few of the more common (and legal) weapons described by him were used in the song "The House of 10,000 Guns". A sequel to that song containing the dozens of rare and exotic weapons that he subsequently described is also planned.

Since the release of the CD's, Jeff "X" and the boys have become friends. While initially shocked to hear his voice in popular music, he ultimately enjoyed the material and the message of the band. Jeff "X" is expected to play a larger role on following releases, if his busy schedule permits. In the meantime, Jeff "X" has authorized us to put some samples of his speeches on this web site (coming soon). Also, if you have any questions related to legal gun purchase or usage, Jeff "X" has offered his free consulting services via

Brian a.k.a. "Banjo Bob"

Banjo Bob hails from Poseyville, Michigan (not too far from Midland). Cletus actually knew Banjo Bob before Militious-Redneck Roulette formed, and played in several bands with him. Playing mostly cover tunes, their signature lick was a note-for-note rendering of the dueling banjo/guitar instrumental from the film "Deliverance". (Banjo Bob's uncanny likeness to the banjo player in that film inspired crowds.) Rumor has it that the two of them actually came up with the song "Trailer Park", impromptu at a hoe-down in Poseyville. Someone taped this jam session and then recently sent it to Cletus. While the lyrics are muddled and there is a lot of shouting in the background, the music is clearly "Trailer Park", with a ham-bone solo! Sovereign Society is claiming ownership of the "Trailer Park" song presently, so our efforts to release this version on CD will require court intervention. In the meantime, we plan to put a free download of the song on this site very soon, so stay tuned for "Trailer Park II", our first official "bootleg"!