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Frequently Asked (stupid) Questions or FAQs

When my pa's loaded, I make sure his gun isn't!

Folks are sending us e-mail all the time asking us questions about sovereignty, taxes, constitutional powers, sports, and the like. Since so many of these questions are duplicative (i.e. substantively identical), we thought we'd save our trigger fingers and just post them along with our answers in this section called: Frequently Asked (stupid) Questions:

Q: I once heard that there are more people in the Michigan Militia than in all other armed forces combined. Is that true?
A: Who wants to know? The ATF? The President? Planning another Ruby Ridge?

Q: What kinds of guns do you have?
A: Releasing that kind of information would put us at a tactical disadvantage, don't you think?

Q: Following the advice of Jeff "X", I bought a 357 Magnum revolver but I can't find a safety. Could you tell me where the safety is on this doggone thing?
A: The best safety for you would be take all the bullets out of that gun altogether…

Q: I took a bullet for Uncle Sam. Any of you guys ever taken a bullet?
A: Yeah, I just took six of them out of that moron's 357 Magnum revolver…

Q: I really want to join the Michigan Militia, but I don't meet the entrance requirements. Can you help me out?
A: No. The admission requirements of the Michigan Militia are strict and inflexible. If you don't meet them, you cannot become a member. But do not let this discourage you into joining an inferior branch of the armed forces such as the Coast Guard. You can still further the causes of the Michigan Militia by playing this CD long and loud and learning to recite the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th amendments for recitation at armed insurrections.