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We have been commissioned to work on soundtrack music for an upcoming film!

Jeremiah, he may be BACK!

2005 is becoming a very busy year for MRR. We just about finished with the first phase of recording with our latest release when an offer we couldn't refuse came in. We have become seriously sidetracked when approached by a Michigan filmmaker who was interested in us submitting some music for inclusion in his film! He apparently has liked what he heard, as we tentatively will have at least seven of our songs included! If you would be interested in some undisclosed information about this new project just E-Mail us to get some of the songs, inspirations, etc.
We all have been working diligently on the soundtrack, and we recently were laying down the basic tracks for this project. As far as our third MRR release goes, we will be returning to finish this up as soon as we complete work on the film. Some details are still being worked out, but the basic tracks should include: "The Last Temptation of Jeremiah", Workin' at a Wastewater Plant", "The Lounge Song", "C.U. Next Tuesday", "Baby Tells Lies" and "The Last Man in the Militia". Jeremiah himself HAS been involved, helping us with the recording process. This is great news!

Because of Militious Redneck Roulette's current inability to tour, the only source for the bands message is HERE! Check out the "Play Our Songs" page to listen to the old stuff, and check back often to preview the newest sound bites from our latest efforts that will be uploaded soon!