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Visitor's Car Pictures

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Thanks to all the visitors who have contributed to this page!

HPI Nitro RS4 2

This nitro RS4 2 belongs to Tom Keets. Right now, it is all stock except for the 2-speed transmission. Tom says that he has a Trinity Picco engine, and new header and exhaust for the car on order right now.

Nitro 4 tec

This traxxas nitro 4 tec belongs to Gary Davison of Trenton, New Jersey. Awesome paint job and wheels!

Subaru Impreza

Jon Schwartz's Tamiya TL01 Impreza with TL01 Mustang chrome wheels. He converted it to rear wheel drive, which he says extends run time and improves acceleration, although there isn't an apparent increase in top speed.


Anthony Baltera's RC10 LSO. This car features an 11-turn motor, graphite chassis, Dynamite 6-cell battery, NASCAR body, Shredder micro receiver, Futaba servo and ESC with reverse, Proline road hawg tires, and 1 piece wheels.

Ofna F1

Gas powered F1 Indy car.

Kyosho Pure ten

Felipe Ordonez's retired Kyosho Pure ten. More soon.

Serpent Vector 2000 Spec

Belongs to Felipe Ordonez

Picco Integra

Belongs to Felipe Ordonez

Kyosho mkII Peugot

Belongs to Felipe Ordonez


Felipe Ordonez's Peugot, Integra, and MP-6

Bolink Econo-Rail Dragster

Belongs to Steve Barbour. The dragster is a stock Bolink Econo-Rail Dragster, except he added wheel bearings on all four corners. It carrys a Novak Rooster ESC, a Trinity Speed GemsII 9 turn double motor, and a Duratrax Pirhana 1500 battery mounted lenghtwise. He says, "I haven't clocked it but, I believe it gets up around 50 mph or so. All I know is it's fast!"

HPI Super Nitro RS4

This Super Nitro RS4 with F-150 body belongs to Steve Barbour. It has tons of hop ups: HPI exhaust header with tuned pipe, HPI purple anodized aluminum heat sink head, HPI 2 speed tranny, HPI black mesh wheels, HPI super slick belted racing tires, Hitec HS605BB throttle servo, Hitec HS605MG steering servo, and Hitec Lynx 3D FM transmitter and Hitec DCX dual-conversion FM receiver!

Serpent M-2 2WD (#1)

Anders Bjork's Serpent M-2 with McLaren F-1 GTR body.

Serpent M-2 2WD (#2)

Anders Bjork's Serpent M-2 with S40 body.

Tamiya ff02

Belongs to Kaj Albers from The Netherlands. It has a Peugot 306 Maxi body and is electric powered. Kaj says that its top speed is 50 mph!

Nitro 4-tec Belongs to Jeffrey Edmundson. He says, "the one thing I like most about the car is how tuff it is I was running it in a parking lot and hit a shoping cart the car hit flew up in the air a flipped end over end . I thought at first I just blew about 300.00 bucks but I turned it over cranked it up a away she went."

Trinity Switchblade

Eric Hodge's Trinity Switchblade 12. It has all stock components.

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