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The Kyosho on Nitrous

Disclaimer: Modifying the powerplant of any vehicle is an inherently risky and dangerous undertaking. We took all precautions possible in our project but the risk of damage to equipment and personal injury was still high. Sane individuals would not attempt modifying any r/c car engine in the ways done in our project. Mike's R/C Website strongly discourages any similar undertakings as a result of viewing this website, and assumes no responsibility for damage done due to any similar projects by other individuals. This video clip contains a small number of mild expletives; those who think they may be offended should not view this video.
OK enough of that, the point is PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS YOURSELF! thanks, hope you enjoy the video!

Thanks to Cody the swwwuttt for giving up his truck as the guinea pig for the project knowing that it was likely it would end up either obliterated into a million tiny pieces or melted in a hunk of molten aluminum and plastic. Me and him did all the designing, testing, wasting money, etc on the project.

Thanks to Van Zant for hosting the vid over at I've been lookin for a place to host the vid since about two years ago (when this vid was filmed) and its finally found a place. If you're lookin for a sick web designer then check out his site Badass Productions. Thanks dude. COMEEON!!

Thanks to Romean Bassiri at Full Force R/C for converting the video from the original VHS tape to the digital form that you are watching right now!

And definitely thanks to those people on the Traxxas forums and Maxxtraxx who gave encouragement to go out and actually try the nitrous system in spite of those whose mission it appeared was to think of every possible reason why a nitrous system would not work ;)

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Video Summary: This video basically covers the entire testing of the nitrous kyosho. It's about 14 minutes long, unedited, amatuer style as you'll see, but it has some good footage of the tests and trying to get the system workin right.. It's a lot of trial and error and a few decent runs, just so you know what to expect.. Here's some of the highlights in case you want to skip around in the movie:

0:01 - For the first five minutes we're just tryin to get the thing operational. You can see some of our setup and all that here.

5:00 - The nitrous is workin, but the system still needs some tweaking as you might be able to tell.

9:00 - This is our first successful run! Yes it's at night cause we spent the whole afternoon tryin to get it workin, and obviously it didn't til now. You may not be able to see the truck so well, but have you ever heard a stock HPI engine sound like that? I definitely haven't. :) Tehre's another decent run we made after the first one and then we called it a night cause that was the last nitrous cartridge we had..

11:00 - Our second day and final (so far) day of testing, we got in anohter couple of runs with the nitrous system workin! As you probably could tell, the system is far from being perfectly adjusted, but hey, i'd say its a decent start. Watch for more tests this summer maybe! Hope you enjoyed the show :)

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