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Buggies are the most popular type of R/C car today. They are designed for running on dirt and jumps. Buggies have long-travel shocks, and a well-protected tranmission and radio compartment to keep them running in extreme conditions. For a 2WD buggy, the rear tires are spiked for traction, while the front tires are thin, and ribbed for good steering in dirt. On a 4WD buggy, all four tires are identical, spiked tires. They are designed specifically for dirt, and running on pavement can wear the spikes down quickly.

There are basically 3 main types of buggies, which are similar to the on-road catergories: 1/10 scale electric, 1/10 scale nitro, and 1/8 scale nitro.

1/10 electric buggies are 1/10 scale buggies which are typically powered by a 6-cell battery pack. There are both 4WD and 2WD buggies in this catergory. This catergory, as well as the 1/8 scale catergory, are the most popular classes when it comes to big races.

1/10 scale nitro are 1/10 scale, nitro powered buggies. There are not too many cars in this catergory because it is in the middle of the two other popular catergories, 1/10 electric and 1/8 nitro. The only companies that I know of who manufacture these buggies are Ofna, and Kyosho. The chassis of these cars are as far as I know made from comosite materials, not aluminum like 1/10 scale on road cars. This catergory is a good one to enter into nitro-powered vehicles because of their durability and relative low cost, as compared to the 1/8 scale nitro buggies.

1/8 scale buggies are big 1/8 scale buggies powered by 3.5 cc, .21 engines. They are the fastest and coolest buggies in my opinion. They can easily go 50mph over the dirt tracks they race on. This is a highly competitive and recognized class in the R/C car world. 1/8 scale buggies are very expensive, with top of the line components which are designed to win races, they are not for casual driving. Only a few manufacturers make these buggies. The most popular 1/8 scale buggies are the Kyosho Inferno MP-5/6, the Mugen Super Athlete, the Yokomo MX-4, and the new Thunder Tiger EB4. Beginner should not buy one of these cars as their first cars because of their price, high performance, and experience required to operate and adjust them. A good 1/8 scale buggy for somebody entering 1/8 scale buggies is the Kyosho Inferno DXII. It is a relatively high quality and low price car for the intermediate driver.

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