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Last Updated 5/7/03
05/07/03 The test footage of the Nitrous Kyosho is finally up and available! Check it out by clicking the "NITROUS KYOSHO" button on the left menu! Sign the guestbook and let me know what you think. Thanks to Matt at for hosting it up.
05/01/03 What's up, thanks to all you people who keepin checkin out the site, hope you're all finding what you're lookin for! Anyway i've been having an AWESOME time down here during my first year at UC San Diego, which has meant that I hardly have enough time to add new content to the site, let alone play with all my r/c toys that are sitting around back at home which's about 500 miles away :) Maybe this summer?? Gotta run now; til next time! -Mike
7/8/02 Hey all, really sorry that I haven't done anything to the site in a century but I'm still around if anybody cares :) Since my last update, i've been occupied by homework, graduation, trips, and of course a sense of complete laziness, commonly known as "senioritis." You can thank Romean Bassiri of Full Force R/C for tellin me to get the site goin again. Of course, you can thank him by visiting the site and checking out some of the awesome new T-maxx products that Full Force R/C has put out recently. Have you seen the new skidplates???! There's a crazy sale going on until July 14th so be sure to take advantage! And for those hardcore visitors out there who are checking back for the nitrous vids, i'm sorry that nothing has been put up about it but i can assure you that updates on this project (which was SUCCESSFUL, despite the fierce pessimism that many people have created towards nitrous in a 2 stroke) will be up in the future. Thanks for visiting!!
1/28/02 They said it couldn't be done... They said we'd blow ourselves up... Well... Me and a friend successfully put a nitrous system onto his Kyosho Dodge Ram with the stock engine swapped for an HPI .12FE! That's right, a working NITROUS OXIDE system on a 2 stroke glow engine.. Pictures and MOVIES of the results of our test runs are forthcoming, be sure to bookmark the site and come back soon (in the next few days) You might just be surprised how it works...!
1/16/02 The t-maxx is ready to race again!! The new body is a proline chevy silverado, you can see it Here but be warned, the page is completely ghetto-style right now, with gigantic pictures that might take a little while to load.. I'll make the page good as soon as I can. I'm lookin to lower the truck and get stiffer springs so I can just get rid of the swaybars. If you have the Trinity Low Rider springs on your Maxx, please lemme know how they work, I'm thinkin about getting them!!
12/28/01 I finally got the new piston and sleeve broken in, but with all the rain comin down, the tracks been turned into a lake again.. I'm gonna try to get into some races once it dries up. Oh yeah, have you seen the Kyosho Megaforce?? I can understand Kyosho wanting to compete with the T-maxx, it being the best monster truck ever, but come on. That thing is an exact carbon copy! Can you say 'lame' or what?!! If you're lookin into buying one of these trucks, I say go with the originator, not the duplicater. Traxxas put tons of effort into designing the truck, only to have the Kyosho guys buy one, bust out their calipers and start producing their own t-maxx's. Make your own truck Kyosho!! >:(
12/13/01 I was changing the poll around a bit, and apparently the stupid service deleted my poll because of it; man they suck... And the guestbook isn't workin right now, no idea what's up with that.. Sorry bout the problems, i'm workin on getting everything functional again.

Full Force R/C is having a Holiday sale goin on right now! Get more info out on their site for some great savings on their awesome T/E-maxx products. They also have several package deals available so you can save money while decking out your truck with the best upgrades on the market! If you're not familiar with Full Force R/C, check out my review of their bumpers and see what their stuff is made of. Full Force has just released a 'Boost Collar' for the TRX .15 engine, looks pretty neat. Check it out on their site!
12/11/01 OK, some dudes are commenting in the poll how the site sucks cause none of the links work. I could understand that a site would suck if none of the links worked, but they seem to work fine for me. If you find any links or parts of the site that don't work or look screwed up, send over an e-mail and lemme know what's messed up so I can fix it. Thanks
12/10/01 Hey, yesterday was the biggest day of for this site since the start! 250+ unique visitors, yeeeeah!! Hey, sorry for not having any major updates lately, I get at least 4 hours a night of homework, so not too much extra time. I thought senior year was supposed to be relaxing?? Hmmmm... Anyways, i'm still here, the t-maxx engine is ready for a new piston and sleeve, which I should have around christmas. I hope the track doesn't flood again, so then i'll be able to run there soon! Oh yeah, i'm really happy that there are so many people visiting nowadays, but hardly anybody is signing the guestbook! If you could just take a few seconds to sign the Guestbook and leave your comments, suggestions, or anything you want, i could get a better idea of how to make the site more helpful and fun for you. Thanks for signing!
10/1/01 I'm experimenting with some Flash animations and stuff as you might be able to see. Yeah I know my little animation sucks; i'm workin on it..
7/15/01 Review has been put up on the Full Force bumpers for the T-maxx! Check it out here.
6/26/01 Sorry that the site hasn't been updated in a while, i'm still here though. A bunch more t-maxx parts are in the process of being reviewed, including bumpers by Full Force RC! Check out their site by clicking the button under the left menu.

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