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My thoughts/opinions...

I think that this season there is no real, dominating team. But the Braves are the closest to it. They have Gallaraga, Maddux, Glavine. There gonna be tough to beat.

I think Griffey and McGwire are gonna have another great year. But somebody hits 61, or 62.

I think the Cubs are gonna do farley well too. For the reason of they have picked up some good players,like Blauser, Beck. They still have Sosa, Grace. Believe me I am not saying 1st place. But NOT last.

On ESPN they were talking about Randy Johnson. If he was going to stay in Seattle. I think he is gonna stay. He is there best pitcher. Hell, he is one of the league best pitchers. But who knows. I heard on ESPN that he might go to L.A this season I don't know. I don't know who L.A would give up accept Ismail Valdez which isn't 1/4 of Randy Johnson but hey what happens, happens.

The Astros with Moises Alou are doing suprisingly well. At least to me. Speaking of Astros I hope, and think Bagwell will have a good year. He basiclly is the Astros best player. Think about it he is an average 40 HR,, 30 SB player.

Well check back later for ALOT more when the season starts.

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