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loose: free from a state of confinement, restraint, or obligation
cruise: to travel without destination or purpose

I've always wanted to live on a sailboat and travel round the world.
When I turned 40, I had quit smoking and decided to reward myself by buying a sailboat and learning how.

One day while at work (in prison), I was discussing a boat name with coworkers. JJ suggested the name Screw, an old slang term for corrections officers. Well, Screw became loosescrew, (as in escaped), the crew being Loosescrews.
After repeating the name a few times, the spelling became obvious, as we are cruisers, (as opposed to racers).

Early on, we lost a few vital items overboard, on account of nuts and screws being loose. And being loosely crewed, and often crewed by loose co-workers (puns intended), the boatname stuck.

Years later when I came online I decided to use the boat's name as my nic-n-addy.

As you can see above, recently I've gotten a little dinghy.

Now what do you think I should call that?

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