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S2 Owners
Dear S2 Owner: All of us at S2 Yachts join me in telling you how pleased we are that you one of our products as YOUR boat. Your S2 has been designed, engineered and build with care and precision, as you undoubtedly noticed when you were making your purchase decision.

Please let me include this personal notation. When I started this Company, I set as my goal "to provide you, the customer, the finest quality yacht available." Everything we have accomplished since that time has been with that goal in mind.

Thank you for selecting an S2 Yacht. We all wish you many, many happy hours of sailing.

Very truly yours,

S2 Yachts Incorporated

Leon R. Slikkers
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   Leon R. Slikkers
Founder of S2 Yachts
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Leon Slikkers

S2 Yachts, Inc. History

Beginning of S2 Yachts, Inc., manufacturer of sailboats, 72,000 sq.ft., 53 employees
Introduction of Pursuit series
Doubled plant capacity and expanded all product lines -- S2 sailboats, Tiara power boats, and added Grand Slam performance sailboat series
AMF produced last Slickcraft
S2 Yachts, Inc. purchases Slickcraft name from AMF.
New plant is built in Ft. Pierce, Florida (approx. 75,000 sq.ft.)
Leon Slikkers becomes Chief Executive Officer
David Slikkers named President
Construction is completed on a 200,000 sq. ft. two level facility in Holland: this brings the total sq. ft. to nearly 500,000
Key management team assembled to include separate dealer franchises for each product line -- Tiara Yachts, Pursuit Fishing Boats, Slickcraft Sportboats, and S2 Sailboats
Slickcraft product line expanded to include five new models
S2 Sailboat production is ended
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