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The movie starts out in Iraq, where we see Father Merrin, who is there on an archaelogical dig. He finds a rock with the inscription "evil vs. evil". In the past, Merrin has done a few exorcisms(battles) against the "dark lord" and won. This inscription is a symbol that the "dark lord" wants a rematch. But when? where? and who will he inhabit? Then the film changes settings and takes us to Georgetown where the MacNeils' reside. Regan MacNeil, the 12 year old daughter of Chris MacNeil, an actress, has been playing with a Ouija Board and chatting with someone named Captain Howdie. Soon after, Regan begins to act very strangely, and her behavior changes drastically. Her mother takes her to various doctors and psychologists, but they don't find anything psysically wrong with her, and they can't seem to pinpoint a mental disturbance. So Chris turns to a local priest named Father Karras to do an exorcism on Regan. He is joined by Father Merrin and the two duke it out against the evil Captain Howdie. By the end of the movie, the demon has killed a total of 3 people, but little Regan is back to herself, and doesn't seem to remember anything that occurred the week before. I really recommend this movie to people who like horror films. It is the only horror movie that I actually find scary.


Released in theatres on December 26, 1973. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards and 4 Golden Globes. Caused worldwide hysteria in theatres: cases of: vomiting, screaming, crying, fainting, and even people throwing themselves up against cinema walls. 2 reported cases of miscarriages and a few were institutionalized after seeing The Exorcist. Banned from Finland and the UK. Eileen Dietz did stunt doubling for Regan on controversial scenes, like the cussing and crotch-grabbing. Mercedes McCambridge did the demonic voice. Grossed over 165 Million from theatres in the US and over 90 Million on video sales.


Written by: William Peter Blatty Produced by: William Peter Blatty Directed by: William Friedkin Chris MacNeil played by Ellen Burstyn Father Merrin played by Max Von Sydow Lt. Kinderman played by Lee J. Cobb Sharon played by Kitty Winn Burke Dennings played by Jack MacGowran Father Karras played by Jason Miller Regan MacNeil played by Linda Blair Regan double played by Eileen Dietz Father Dyer played by Rev. O'Malley Barton Heyman....Peter Masterson....Rudolf Schundler....Gina Petrushka....Robert Symonds....Arthur Storch Pres. of University played by Rev. Bermingham Karras' mother played by Vasiliki Maliaros Karras' uncle played by Titos Vandis Bishop played by Wallace Rooney Ron Faber....Donna Mitchel....Roy Cooper....Robert Gerringer Thanks for Visiting SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!

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