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This Month's Old Time Radio Streaming Links:


Wayback OTR

Retro OTR

OTR Show Server

Jerry Haendiges' OTR Lounge

Beginner's guide to OTR

Dale's Old-Time Radio Page

Streaming Links at

OTR Old-Time Radio Good Ol' Days Old-Time Radio

OTR Moments in MPEG Layer-3

Pa Perkin's Radio Reruns

The Oldtime Radio Online Audio Page

Vintage Radio Shows Page

When Radio Was is back (Real Audio)

Old Time Radio Sound Clips
at Sound America

Comedyorama (Real Audio)

Frank Nelson sound Bites--(Real Audio)

Days of Old Time Radio
--(Real Audio)

OTR Restoration Project

The Shadow Page

The Shadow Knows

Fibber Mcgee & Molly

Laurel & Hardy Page

OTR at 3 am
Eastern Standard Time

The Lone Ranger

Al Jolson

OTR for 2 hrs.daily
from 11pm to 1 pm
Calgary Time

Kay Kysers Band

Golden Age of Radio

Source of many
OTR Shows

Abbott & Costello

OTR on Wiredaudio

OTR on Makodon


Jack Benny

After School OTR


OTR Theater of
The Web

The Listening Room

Show of the Moment

Seeing Ear Theater

Air Time OTR Showcase.


Captain Midnight

Hopalong Cassidy

Bob & Ray

????---What are Old Time Radio Streaming sites????

Streaming Old Time Radio Sites are those which allow you to listen to Old Time Radio shows ( with little or no download time) right now on your computer!!! Most sites will require you to have the REAL AUDIO PLAYER.It's Free at the following link: