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Mike Horton & Carrie Brady Reed and Everyone Else in Salem

Things Needed in front of you to watch DAYS:

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Here are my VIEWS of The people of Salem!:


When is Carrie gonna kiss Mike again?????

I want Carrie and Mike to get together, they look so cute.

Carrie needs to dump that wimp, Austin. He should go back to sami.

Marlena needs to keep her nose out of Carrie's business and stick to her own affairs. After all, she isn't the perfect mother she thinks she is.

When is Franco gonna come back from dead?

Kristen, Susan, Sister Mary, and Thomas need to come back!!!

Kate needs to tell everyone she was a hooker before Sami does. Wouldn't it sound better from her than Sami?

When Kristen comes back, should she hook up with Craig?

When is Celeste gonna have another vision of Kristen, and realize she is still alive!!

When will Hope be a mother to Shawn D instead of shipping him off?

Will Celeste "see" why Vivian is acting so wierd?

Is Tony really gonna come back from the dead?

Will Marlana EVER find a man that is her own age?

When will the Brady's tell Marlana to watch her own kids? JUST SAY NO, BRADY's.

Will Mike screw up and give Ali the Head Nurse job?

Is Nicole really the daughter of Vivian and Stefano? Or am I dreaming here!!??? What's the big secret?

Do you think that Greta is the daughter of Princess Gina or the sister? If so, how does John fit in?

Who else has a Mind Control chip in their teeth? Everyone in Salem apparently. You better go get a check up.....

Will Sami get the electric chair or die from injection?

When is Benji (Stefano's deaf son) gonna come back?

Do you think that Peter is the man in prison that talks to Nicole?

When will Lucas finally tell the truth?

How much did Eric overhear when Kate was talking to Lucas?

What do you think? E-mail me with your responses.


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