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I was an unhappy woman before I came to to know The One who gave his Son for us who truely
loves us so

My heart was filled with anger, bitterness and hate Before I came to know the One who Love is truely Great

My home wasn't a happy one like it could of been Because I refused to turn to God which was my greatest sin

Many years in my own way I tried in vain to work things out But I fear that my way was to argue, scream and shout

Until the day I realized I could not do it on my own And so I turned to God and asked him to restore to me my home

He was there when I called and I heard Him say "Oh my child I love you so and I'll never go away"

And since the day that I gave my life to God above He has gave me many blessings and showered me with love

My home is filled with Joy now and my heart is filled with Peace The hole I had inside me is now filled for God was the missing piece

So if your heart is weary and your struggeling in vain Give your life to God and he will provide shelter from the rain

He does truely love you there's no Greater love than His He will restore your life to you and Seal it with a Kiss

-----Author Lisa Cline------

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