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Team Kinetic Homepage

Team Kinetic was a synchronized (precision) skating team in Kalamazoo, MI. We represented the Southwest Michigan Skating Club. We had teams compeating in 3 different devisions: Junior, Teen Intro, and Youth Intro. Wendy Gill and Lisa Bloch coached the Junior Team, Mindy Hare and Lauren Dennis coached the Teen Intro Team and Mindy Hare coached the Youth Intro Teem.

In the summer of 2001,Team Kinetic decided to unite with the Kalamazoo Kommotions to create a new team, Kalamazoo Ice Kraze.
Good luck girls!

Most of the girls that I skated with on TK have moved on. Some skate for teams such as Hockettes, Gems on Ice, and University of Michigan.

I myself am now skating for Team Elan Senior. I really love it! Last year (2003) we were the US National Bronze Medalists and this year we are hoping to improve on that placement to earn a trip to Worlds! Go Team Elan! :)

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