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Here are some GREAT pics of the Boyz!!!

Isn't that a great pic??? Check out A.J.'s hair!!! Boy are we glad that he got rid of those things...Huh??? Anyway, as you can see they are holding a check for almost $200,000. That's all of the money that they raised for tornado victims in Florida. Aren't they sweet???

This is from when they were on Sabrina (I know that that was MY favorite episode! What about you???). Aren't we all glad that they drank those bottles of talent??? I know I am!!!

This is just really cute picture of them. See the little baby pictures all around it? Weren't they cute??? They still are but, whatever!

And, of course, I just had to put this picture on. The just look soooo scrumptious in it. This is from there official website by the way.

This is a pic of them in concert at the Skydome. I hate to say this but in those outfits, they look like Missy Elliot wanna-be's! Oh well! They still look absolutely wonderful!

I'll be getting more group pictures just as soon as I can!!! If you have any that you want to give me, just e-mail me with them, or your website address. Thanks!!!

Thank You Milady, and People Magazine.