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All About...ME!!!!!!!

All About...ME!!!!!!!

Hey People!!! This is My totally WIERD Page about a TOTALLY wierd person...ME!!!

Hey! First things first!

My Name is Kathryn Claire Lautenbach, or Kate.

My Birthday is October 16.

I'm 5'4" and I weigh 120 pounds.

Huh! What else? I'm in eighth grade at City Middle School in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Awww! It's a little Devil! Remind you of someone? What? It reminds you of me? No way! Now why could that be?

What else that you don't care about could I say? Let me think....Oh yeah! I have 2 brothers, Matt 17, and Drew, 11. And 1 sister(Oh yeah!) Emily, 15.

I LOVE to talk on the phone. I know! That sounds TOTALLY lame but, it's true!

What else? My favorite artists are: Backstreet Boys (DUH!), Usher, Brandy, Sarah Mc Lachlan, and Matchbox 20. I like all kinds of music but those are my faves!

My favorite foods are watermelon, pineapple, purple grapes, um, I love FRENCH FRIES!!! I don't know why! But, I just do.

My favorite TV show is Boy Meets World.

But, my favorite movie is Empire Records.

Well...If you wanna know anything else e-mail me at! I LOVE getting e-mail!!!