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~ JEVA Farms ~
Exclusively Egyptian Arabian Horses

~ 5160 Young Road ~ Bellevue, MI 49021 ~ USA ~ (001)-269-763-2921 ~
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Herd Sire
Odysseus hf
Ansata Shah Zahir x Aliamah Moniet by The Egyptian Prince
Odysseus has been siring exquisite foals with spark, pizzaz, presence, charisma and classic type. Go to Stallion Methodology to see some fine examples of his offspring.

*MB Jamillsa
*MB Jamillsa

Imperial Saturn x Bint Jamilla* by *Jamilll
Click here to see an *MB Jamillsa VIDEO taken June, 2002

AW Kharisma
AW Kharisma

AK Desert Khana x Soufeenah by Moss Hill Karim

In Memorium
Ansata Sabbara
Prince Fa Moniet x Sundar Sabbahalim by Ansata Halim Shah. Expired September 3, 2001

What Sets JEVA Apart from Other Small Breeders?

We practice high standards in the breeding of, caring for, and the marketing of our stock. Standards that are well-grounded in ethics and integrity. Our horses were each selected or bred for their outstanding individual qualities both in phenotype and genotype. Each have impeccable pedigrees, with respectable dam lines proven for their production potential as well as their production ability. Each possess individual, yet competetive athletic potential and exotic, classic desert beauty. Please contact us for an appointment to join the ongoing discovery of the mystical essence that is the Egyptian Arabian horse.

~ Elizabeth Dieter ~

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