Tom's Other Pontiacs

After years of working to build his business, Tom was finally able to realize one of his goals….to purchase his dream cars!
He wanted to go turn-key since he had already done a “From Scratch” project with his SD. Although he has
no regrets, he did learn that building a car from the ground up is expensive and costs MUCH more than expected.
With that in mind, he built a stable of great rides. With the exception of the Formula, he bought all of his cars in the USA
and is enjoying what each has to offer. In his own words,
“After my wife and kids those classic cars do enhance the quality of my life more than anything else!”

His 1968 GTO is very nice with a rebuilt 455, Edelbrock-heads & Hotchkiss suspension!

The LeMans Convertible is 455 powered with almost everything new or rebuilt!

With a 455 under the hood, the Edelbrock Heads & extra coolers make this 71 Formula a real runner.
With the exception of the interior, it is almost a total resto!

His 400 Powered 77 Grand prix now has 15x8 snowflake wheels and a rebuilt engine with new exhaust.
Still tweakin'..Eh Tom???

His stock looking 71 Grand Prix is a real sleeper!
With a full resto & built 455, it runs 13 flat in the quarter with slicks!! ;-)

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