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Things fecal and odd

Greetings to my homepage, it isn't much, but it's mine and not yours. So there. Some call me Chyken, some call me Mike. You can't call me at all because you don't know my phone number. Whee.

Say "Hi" to the lamb, she says "Hi" to you... well not really, she kind of bleats sheepishly and wishes she could formulate words like we can... but at least she tries dammit. Most people don't even try.

This is a REALLY cool chick I know... *wink*

Tim the enchanter says: ... but that's no oridinary rabbit! Quite.

"Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!" sez da chyken.

And here is a little lamb saying: "What are you looking at, chop-eye?"

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Here are some shitty places to visit:

A place to sell some shit, in case you have extra.
A place to find shit, in case you can't find it.
A mud, where the word "shit" is used quite frequently...
A nice shitty place to go...