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Recording your own ghost voices

An Introduction to Electonic Voice Phenomena (EVP). 
  According to Raudive (a pioneer in EVP recording) the "diode method is 
the best way to record EVPs.For information on building one of these diode
receivers yourself see the October issue of Popular Electronics. If you
would prefer, I will construct the diode receiver for you for a charge of
$20.00 (includes shipping in the US only) Please Email me for details!
 Probaly one of the easiest methods is the "microphone method". This method 
consist of simply plugging a good-quality microphone into the MIC input of
a tape recorder,moving the microphone far away from the recorder to cut 
down on noise from the machine.Insert a NEW or throughly erased tape into 
the machine and hit record. Then ask the voices to speak and keep the room 
as quiet as possible during the recording process (which should be 20 min.)
According to reports, this method does'nt yeild quite as good of results as
using the diode receiver.Schematic
 I must admit that I'm still somewhat skeptical of EVPs,but yet intrigued.
I have'nt been able to record any clear voices yet but know of others that
 I would like to hear about your results and maybe hear your recordings!
I'm hoping to be able to put some EVP recording on this web site in the 
near future.Please Email me your recordings in either *.Wav or *.Ra format.
 If you do send attachment,please try and keep them small. My server has 
a hard time with large attachments.
 For additional information on this subject you might want to check out a 
copy of Breakthrough:An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication
with the Dead by Raudive,Konstantin. Taplinger Publishing Company,New
The Following recordings are in Real Audio format

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