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Here you will find a collection of pictures of me, my friends and family, and anything else that will hold still long enough for me to take a picture of it.
My sister's site is mostly a collection of pictures of her and her boyfriend, so to see her, go there!

02-18-03: I've decided to break the picture lists into sections, since one particular section (we won't name any names...) was getting a bit large...

Amy's Twins
Everything Else
Amy's twins:
9 Months and thereabouts:
Amy's Twins (9 months)
Playing together
Gabe, reflecting on "Life, the Crib and Everything"
Trenton, demonstrating how one cannot stand up with having one's mouth wide open
The Twins - March 23, 2003
Me and the Twins (Yes, there's REALLY a picture of me...)
Over a year:
Up and Around
The first visit to the beach!
Some disturbing pictures Warning: I really mean disturbed...
"Sunrise Over a Parking Lot"
My shoes, in black and white (don't ask...)
Grand Haven Sunset (over Lake Michigan)
...And He's Not Around...
My Favorite Kind of Flower
Everything else:
A picture tour of my trip to Detroit
The people I torture on a semi-weekly basis
Cassie and Jon - 4th of July weekend
Me in a dress
A "Before and After" of me when I went to a hairdresser
For pictures from various events and road trips with Melissa and Jen, visit:
VME Club Road Trips

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