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The Songbird Taking Off On Another Adventure With "Sky King" (Kirby Grant) At The Controls

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Club Founded 1959 By Jon D. Larson
(I would like to extend my appreciation to Jon for providing some of the photos and associated info.)

How Sky King Came To Be

******W.W. I veteran pilot Robert Morris Burtt was a 22 year old lieutenant from Massachusetts and had flown SPADS in the final weeks of the war over France.British pilot Wilfred Gibbs Moore flew S.E.5As for the Royal Flying Corps.After the war was over he came to the US and started a career in Radio Broadcasting. Burtt with a degree in journalism from Columbia University moved to Chicago to work as a writer.There is where he meet Moore who also loved flying and adventure so they created The Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen in 1933 and was sponsored by the Richfield Oil Company. In 1939 they created another flying radio program,you guessed it Captain Midnight!

******Then during WW II ,in 1942 they provided another flying hero for the American boys and girls as we fought the Axis, this time it was Hop Harrigan-Ace Of The Airways.And now they saved their best for last as you and I know him as SKY KING sponsored by Peter Pan Peanut Butter,made by Derby Foods Inc., a subsidary of Swift & Company.The first 15 program was radio program was aired Monday ,October 29,1946 transcribed from Chicago on WGN,from 5:15 to 5:30 pm. The show was such a smashing success that the program was increased to a full half hour with each one a complete adventure.The rest of childrens radio programs such as Superman,Captain Midnight and Tom Mix ,all were quick to follow suit.

******Sky King was first heard on ABC,and then on Mutual Broascasting Network.Three different stars would play the part of Sky King,first was Roy Engel,the second star to play the part was Jack Lester,and in the last years up to the end of Radio Sky King, none other than Earl Nightingale brought it into 1954. Sky King was already on TV since 1951.For three years you could listen and watch Sky King if you had one of those new expensive inventions called television.The Next installment will cover that era, be sure to tune in again next week for another high flying adventure of ...S-K-Y-K-I-N-G-!!Americas Favorite Flying Cowboy!

The Nabisco Intro.
Later Sky King Intro.
Peter Pan Intro. (RealAudioVideo-378K)
Episode Closing Video (Window Media Player-2.69M)
K.Grant Interview (Real Audio) - 1984

"SKY KING" the Television Series

* Sky King: 1951-1952 = 19 Half Hour Episodes

* Sky King: 1955-1956 = 20 Half Hour Episodes

* Sky King: 1957-1962 = 97 Half Hour Episodes

This gives us a total of 136 episodes filmed,64 of the last episodes from the number 73 to 136 were distroyed in a New York film vault fire.(a huge lose to us all) Only episodes 1 thru 72 remain.
(see link below)
From 1951 to 1956 a Cessna Bobcat T-50 was used as the "Song Bird", the episodes in 1957 to end of the shows run (only 33 surviving episodes) were filmed with a Cessna 310B. Sky King came to be the longest running television childrens show. It ran between 1951 to 1968 on ABC, CBS, NBC and rerun again in 1987 to 1988 CBN.
Kirby Grant stared in or was a supporting actor in 53 motion pictures. (see link below)
Kirby Grant also had 2 television specials (30 minute)
"Where The Heart Is" and "U.S. Saving and Loan"
He made special apperance's in every state in the union, as Grand Marshall, Master of Ceremony, Guest Star, Charity Benefits and made homes for boys and girls by founding "Sky King Youth Ranches of America Inc." along with his wife Carol.

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