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Sony 2010 Mods & Tips

Sony 2010 Modifications

2010 picture


SSB-SYNC Align note - updated Dec. 2000

MW Filter Bypass Mod

Nicad Battery Mod - updated Oct. 2002


Sony 2010 Comments

2010 Fading/Dimming LCD Display fix - Clean Memory Battery contacts with fine sandpaper and put in new memory batteries. Display is much darker.

2010 Jack problem fix - The jacks on the side of the 2010 are prone to loosening. Resoldering the pins, even if they look OK, will probably solve intermittent problems. Modern cost-cutting has produced jacks on equipment that are not physically supported by the case, and the circuit board pins take all the stress. In the good old days, jacks were screwed to the case, or were back-supported. Thanks to Doug Iverson and others.

2010 Memory Back-up - It is really easy to solder in a 5-volt type computer memory back-up capacitor in parallel with the two AA cells. These are very small in size. See for ELNA memory back-up capacitors - .22 or .33 F size. Thanks to FT Proceedings for the idea.

2010 FET note - Sony has added a diode to protect the popping RF FET transistor since at least 1992. I have yet to hear of one popping with this added diode. Look for a small blob soldered across the pins of a transistor on the jack board - solder-side. It's at an angle and is obviously and add-on. If yours pops, do a Google Groups advanced search of the Rec.Radio.Shortwave group for posts on substitute 2010 transistors. Also check the 2010 Yahoo group archive for suggested substitutes.

2010 Component changes - my 1992 unit has more surface mount components than the original as shown in service manual. There are also a few added components not shown in service manual at all. Most important of these is the FET protection.

2010 AGC - AGC response time is slowed by adding a capacitor in parallel with the existing 10 uF cap. Some have slowed the AGC response time to reduce peak signal clipping distortion. If you've eliminated the stock (Fast) AGC value in your Sony 2010, I advise you to restore it. A better idea is to add Fast/Slow AGC switching. Slow AGC causes the sync detector to lose lock on slow fading signals, e.g. RNZI. The stock AGC 'hiccuping' on signal level changes is much preferable to losing lock, and not regaining it. (Your blood pressure may vary....) Experiment by adding 5 or 10uF increments to arrive at a value for 'slow'. Thanks to 2010 FAQ's Ken Zichi, who passed along the general idea to try. Others suggested switching between fast and slow.

Kiwa Wide Filter Mod - highly recommended! It's like getting a new radio. Thanks to Ken Zichi for the tip.

2010 questions are best asked on the 2010 Yahoo-group list. Check out their archive of helpful posts.

Larry Russell .... in Flushing, Michigan