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SW Radio Mods and Tips

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Sony 2010 - extensive list of mods and tips

Radio Shack DX-400 - Build a Keypad

Sony 6800W - Dial Light Switch

Icom R70 - DC power jack for Icom R70 and Icom R71 battery operation

Sony SRF-A100 - X-band tweak that might work for other radios

Credits: Thanks to all who inspired or passed on ideas expanded on here. Some of these are David Newkirk's "Enjoying Radio", Don Moman's CIDX column, Fine Tuning "Proceedings" 2010 article, Speedx article on 2010 nicads, and thanks to Ulis F. for the logo.

2010 questions are best asked on the 2010-group . Check out their archive of helpful posts.

Larry Russell

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