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Cookbook (Download)

Allergen-Free Retro Recipes This is a sweet cookbook, complete with a contents page, subject dividers, index. And, oh I forgot, over 75 old-fashioned recipes! Print it out on both sides of sheets of paper, then fold the pages in half for a cookbook. You're welcome to print out copies for friends as well--it's an especially nice gift for someone newly diagnosed. Aside from one, the recipes don't appear on other pages of FAST.

Traditional American Foods

chocolate syrup, frothy lemonade, etc.

banana bread, muffin mix, miracle white bread (a must), etc.

pancakes, cinnamon rolls...

applesauce cake, chocolate cake, cookies, much more!

Fruits and Veggies
hot pickled vegetables, mayonnaise (egg-, garlic-, milk-free!); includes dressings and dips.

Main Dishes
chicken nuggets, barbequed chicken wings, raimen, etc.

Make Your Own
fast's handbook gives you great tips on making your own foods...

It's here, it's here--a recipe to make your very own soy-free margarine!

Rice Noodles
just how do you cook those things?

Traditional International Cuisine

dhokla, idli...

buckwheat bread

United Kingdom
applesauce muffins, hokey pokey biscuits

Attention: Do you have any recipes you have come up with that are native to your country? If so, please add on to this section by sending an e-mail.

When is a recipe mine?

The small print:
Unfortunately, not all recipes will work for all people. Adjust the ingredients or skip a recipe that contains one of your allergens. It is extremely important to note that the recipes on FAST have not been tested for meeting nutritional needs. It is very common for people with food allergies to be lacking in necessary vitamins and minerals. It's important to talk to a doctor about how to get needed nutrients; the recipes offered online on all allergy websites should not be construed as being nutritionally balanced.
Please feel free to print out this little "recipe book" for your own use and for friends. Please remember, however, that these recipes are protected and may only be used for personal use. They may not be passed along on mailing lists, bulletin boards, etc. To get only one recipe, use the copy and paste features on your browser. Copy the recipe, then paste it into your word-processing program (SimpleText or WordPad work great since they are low memory). Remember to include the credit of the FAST site, the page you got the recipe from, and the author of the recipe, and a notice that the recipe is protected.
If you have an original recipe that you don't mind sharing, we would love to hear from you. Send the recipe in universal format (ex: no 1/2 one-key signs) and how you want to be credited to: the webmaster. Note that occasionally other websites and organizations will ask FAST for permission to reprint your recipes (we are not paid for this service). If you want your recipes to potentially appear in another resource, you can include an e-mail address where you can be contacted. Your e-mail address will then appear on the website alongside your recipe so that companies and publishers can contact you. I never grant permission for your recipes to appear elsewhere--I respect that they are your recipes and under your copyright protection.

These recipes can be used for personal use only. If you want to print recipes out for a friend or for personal use, please leave the creator's name on the recipe and write that it is from "Food Allergy Survivors Together" along with the site address. Unfortunately, FAST members have stopped sharing recipes because of the huge amount of copyright infringement stemming from people taking their recipes off this section of the site and reprinting them as their own. Please remember to respect the fact that people put much time and effort into creating allergen-free recipes, and deserve the credit for what they have done. (FAST doesn't claim ownership of recipes submitted. The people who create them own their own recipes. That's why we're working so hard to support the efforts of the cooks who are kind enough to share their creations with all of us. Thanks so much for supporting these efforts.)

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This website is for personal support information only. Nothing should be construed as medical advice.