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Enheduana Documentary, Radio Interview & New Visual Evidence

"En-hedu-Ana, Ornament of the Heaven"

is a 40 minute educational video

that can now be found on Youtube!

The video places Enheduana in the context of Mesopotamian history and offers glimpses of what her life may have been like by seeking clues in her hymns and exploring archeological artifacts.

It includes interviews with Near Eastern scholars, such as Joan Westenholz, William Hallo, Annette Zgoll,Johanna Stuckey and Miriam Robbins Dexter among others.

The video is intended for museums, universities and high schools. To purchase DVD copy of "Enheduana: Ornament of the Sky",
please press button below and send an email with your address to
Cost: $20.

And now for a special treat, tune into a Radio Interview I gave in 2008
which reveals all of my latest theories about why En-hedu-Ana was so effective
as a High Priestess and writer!
Click here for Voices of the Feminine Radio Show:
"Enheduanna, Mesopotamian High Priestess First Author of World Literature (2300BCE)"


The above picture is a cylinder seal which has recently been identified as having Enheduanna's name on it. It belongs to the Rosen, a private collection in NY .
The following is William Hallo's transliteration and translation of the inscription:
(column i)
En-he(2)-du(7)-an-na / dumu Shar-ru-GI //
(col. ii)
SAG.A.DU/dub-sar / ir(3)-zu

Enheduanna, "child" of Sargon, SAG.A.DU, the scribe, (is) your servant.

William Hallo's analysis:
"The name SAG.A.DU recurs, e.g., in Sargonic texts from Nippur such as PBS 9:5, 6, 13, 51, all edited by D.O. Edzard in SUMERISCHE RECHTSURKUNDEN DES III. JAHRTAUSENDS (Munich, 1968).
A reading SAG.ZA.DU is conceivable on the seal (but not in the Nippur texts).
The generic term for child is used here, as in one of the other seals dedicated to her, and in her own disc inscription, rather than the more explicit dumu-mi(2) = daughter. "

Thank you, William Hallo for this new information. It is very exciting that new information can still come in about Enheduanna while the excavations at Ur have ceased for the time being.We now have two seals of two different scribes of Enheduana. The first one is mentioned on the Visual Evidence page. It is not surprising for a high priestess running the temple of Ningal to have many scribes. Scribes recorded all financial and ritual transactions, of which there were many.

A picture of this seal is published in Minerva magazine-
The International Review of Ancient Art & Archaeology
Volume 9 Number 3

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