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Dancing with En-hedu-Ana

Accessing the High Priestess En-hedu-Ana through Dance!

En-hedu-Ana: Ornament of the Sky

~En-hedu-Ana is the first known writer of all literature. Through her powerful incantations/songs to the Goddess Inanna she changed the course of history and became the most revered High Priestess in all of Mesopotamian history. This will be a fun, creative body centered learning experience about En-hedu-Ana.

Techniques we will use:

•guided movement meditation to drop into the body’s fluid systems
•information sharing about En-hedu-Ana’s Priestessing and writing skills
•creative, freeing movement exercises
•dancing/moving to En-hedu-Ana’s songs/incantations

Qualities you will develop:

•deep listening within to access intuitive wisdom
•expanding the capacity to reach outward while staying connected within
•cultivating core strength
• activating energy, inspiration and creativity
• integrating left and right brain information

Michelle Hart, En-hedu-Ana Researcher and Dance Alive Instructor: “I have researched En-hedu-Ana for over 7 years and continue to collect and synthesize every trace of information that emerges about this missing piece of women’s history. I will guide you using the Dance Alive® Method so that you may access, embody and integrate your innate knowledge as well as specialized research about this powerful High Priestess.”

No dance or movement experience necessary. Bring a journal and comfortable clothes to move in.
To learn more about En-hedu-Ana , Dance Alive® and this upcoming workshop in Los Angeles,
Please contact Michelle Hart 310-581-9608


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