Neanderthal fraud discovered by Dr. Jack Cuozzo La Quina

In his book "Buried Alive - The startling truth about Neanderthal man" Dr. Jack Cuozzo shows how many Neanderthal fossils have been tampered with to support the theory of evolution.

This page will examine many of these skulls.

One of the many fraudulent things that people have done to the Neanderthal skulls is to reconstruct the lower jaw in a forward protruding position.

This is based on the preconceived notion, that Neanderthal was dimwitted, and ape-ish. The jaw is purposely manipulated to look this way in reconstructionís, because that is how some ape jaws are aligned.

Of the thousands of people who have seen Neanderthal skulls in a museum, I wonder how many of them knew the jaw had been altered?

In his book on Neanderthal man titled: "Buried Alive: The startling truth about Neanderthal man", Dr. Jack Cuozzo reveals the truth about the Neanderthals jaw.

Dr. Cuozzo adds:

"The exact same thing happened with the famous La Chapelle-aux-Saints skull and jaws"
(reference #1 pg. 40)

What effect did this change have? The manipulation totally changed the interpretation of the skull. When the jaw was placed in the correct position

"This was also a new non-ape position for the lower jaw." (reference #1, pg. 40).

With the jaw in the correct position it was clear that Neanderthal was not an ape man.

The La Quina V skull has also been altered.

Here is a picture of the La Quina V skull as it was originally found. Notice that there is a prominant chin on the skull (This picture is on the cover of Dr. Cuozzo's book: "Buried Alive: The startling truth about Neanderthal man")

Now look to see what somebody did to the chin. They cut it off to make it look more like an apes chin. They then smoothed it all out with a plastic material.


1) "Buried Alive - The startling truth about Neanderthal man" by Dr. Jack Cuozzo, Master Books ISBN 0- 89051-238-8

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