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Macrauchenia (which means "Big neck") fossils were discovered by Charles Darwin during his voyage of the Beagle.

The last of its line, Macrauchenia was the final member of South America's unique native hoofed animals, which have not been studied much since their discovery. The strangest feature is Macrauchenia's skull, with nostrils right up on top of the head. This led to all sorts of suggestions, including the idea that they were aquatic, using these nostrils as a blowhole. The most likely explanation, though, is that they had a tapir-like proboscis, giving them a 'hose nose'.

Scientific name: Macrauchenia, sp


This skull was discovered in Uruguay.

Resin Skull

Maiasaur Juvenile skeleton
Maiasaur Juvenile skeleton cast replica.

Maiasaura (meaning "good mother lizard") is a large duck-billed dinosaur genus that lived in the area currently covered by the state of Montana in the Upper Cretaceous Period (Campanian). It is only known from the upper Two Medicine Formation.

From Cretaceous Montana. This is a free standing mount. Cast in durable resin.

Mounted and crated.

Skeleton measures 7ft (2.1m) long and 5ft (1.5m) high.

Molded from a skeleton in a private collection

Articulated skeleton mount: $14,400

- or - unpainted/unmounted:: $11,540

Mammoth: Real Fossil Mammoth skull for sale

Real Fossil Mammoth skull for sale.

This is a complete mammoth skull - not a composite!

Very rare - giant size. The skull measures: 125 cm x 75 cm

The lower jaw measures: 50x 50cm. We have tusks available (either real or replicas)

The Skull has very little restoration. There is some on the right zygomatic bone and also on the left alveole. In total there is only about 5% on these two parts restored. All of the rest of the skull is original and real. A true rarity is that the back of the skull is also complete and unrestored.

The lower jaw is 100% original (no restoration). You see the two big molare and in front of the lower Jaw there is the rest of the both first molare(very small).

Asking price: $47,000

email us.

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Mammoth fossil skeleton #1 (Real fossil not a cast)
Mammoth skeleton #1

This is a real Mammoth skeleton (not a cast).

Price starting at $99,000 depending on which skeleton you choose. I have several to choose from.

We also have a cast of Mammuthus primigenius skeleton available ($85,000 skeleton or $8,500 skull). This is the largest most complete wooly mammoth ever found in North America. I will glady email you pictures of all.

Marasuchus / Marasaurus Dinosaur cast Skeleton plaque

Marasuchus is a genus of dinosaur-like ornithodiran from the middle Triassic Period of Argentina. The species Marasuchus illoensis was originally described as a second species of Lagosuchus, L. lilloensis. However, in a restudy of Lagosuchus by Sereno and Arcucci (1994), the authors concluded that the original (type) specimen was too poorly preserved to allow any further specimens to be assigned to the genus. They also noted that the L. illoensis specimen had limb proportions different from the type species. On this basis, they assigned L. illoensis to a new genus, Marasuchus.

Resin cast measures aprox 3 1/2 by 4 feet.

$900 plus crating and shipping We have many more Dinosaur dig panels here

Mastodon: The Texas Lone Star Mastodon Skull

The original Lone Star Mastodon Fossil just sold at Heritage auctions for $191,210 but cast replicas are still available for $12,500 (plus shipping)

This is the Largest Mastodon ever found. It is 20% larger than the Warren Mastodon of the Museum of Natural History, NY.
It is 14% larger than the Burning tree Mastodon from Ohio. The skull is that of an (aprox) 35 year old male 4 tusked Mastodon. The bottom 2 tusks extend from lower jaw.

Megalania prisca cast replica

This amazing Megalania prisca ("ancient giant butcher") skeleton was discovered in South-eastern Queensland, Australia. It comes from the Pleistocene.

Megalania was a giant lizard, reaching lengths of up to 6 meters which makes it the largest terrestrial lizard that ever lived.

The skeleton measures 570 cm (18 ft 8.4 inches)


Classification: Giant varanid lizard

The skull is also available separately for $2,115 USD

Megalania was once thought to belong to a distinct genus called Megalania prisca, it is now recognized as a species in the genus Varanus, which includes all monitor lizards.

Monolophosaurus Skull cast replica (item #REP083)
Monolophosaurus Skull cast replica



Size: 66 cm X 40.5 cm

Price: $995.00 (plus crating and shipping)

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more photos or information.

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Montana Dueling Dinosaurs Cast Replica Series (*please ask for more info)

Mosasaur skeleton (98% complete) Actual Fossil (Platecarpus)

Mosasaurs (from Latin Mosa meaning the "Meuse river" in the Netherlands, and Greek sauros meaning "lizard") were serpentine marine reptiles. The first fossil remains were discovered in a limestone quarry at Maastricht on the Meuse in 1764

With the extinction of the ichthyosaurs and pliosaurs, mosasaurs became the dominant marine predators.

Real Fossil Mosasaur skeleton

This amazing Mosasaur fossil is 98% complete.

A great chance to own an actual Mosasaur skeleton.

The Platecarpus skeleton is mounted on a 7ft fiberglass disk.

Weight before crating is approx. 125 pounds


We also have about 8 other real Mosasaur skulls and skeletons for sale. Please call or email for pictures and price.

Mosasaurus / Mosasaur Skeleton or Skull

Mosasaur (Prognathodon stadtmani) Skull and skeleton casts replicas.

Here is a cast of an entire Mosasaur skeleton (skull can also be purchased alone).

This skeleton is from the Late Cretaceous, and was discovered in the Mancos Shale Formation of Colorado (USA).

Resin cast:

The Mosasaur skull is also available by itself and measures 52" long.


Mosasaur skull cast replica (45 inch)

Mosasaur skull cast replica. Molded from an original fossil discovered in Kansas. This skull measures 45in (114cm) long. Comes with stand. This item will be shipped by UPS in 2 oversize boxes (70 lbs).



Mylodon: See "Glossotherium" chapadmalensis (higher this page)


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Neanderthal hominid skull and skeleton cast replicas

Nothronychus mckinleyi skeleton cast replica
Nothronychus mckinleyi skeleton cast replica

Adult skeleton measures 14.4 feet long,


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A herd of scampering Othnielia rex as seen at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

This wonderful specimen was molded from an original in a private collection.

From the Witherell Quarry.

Othnielia was a genus of hypsilophodont dinosaur, named after its original describer, Professor Othniel Charles Marsh an American paleontologist of the 19th century. The taxon, Othnielia rex, was named by Peter Galton in 1977 from a species Marsh (1877) called Nanosaurus rex

Othnielia rex Skeleton (Ornithopod skeleton / Nanosaurus rex) cast replica color="red">Resin cast: Sale $4,700

Unassembled Skeleton $2,800

Ornithopod egg nest $249

Othnielia Rex leg

Oviraptor philoceratops Skull

Giant Oviraptorid skeleton Oviraptor cast replica (Theropod) Skeleton

This new, unnamed species of giant Oviraptorid theropod was fast and ferocious, with forelimbs more than a meter long, a sharp beak and almost certainly a very bad attitude!


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Pachycephalosaurus skull cast replica
Pachycephalosaurus skull cast replica.

We have ONE to sell and then this item will be removed from our catalog

Measures: 21 1/2 inches long x 11 1/2 inches high.

Price: $2,995

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more photos or information.

More Pachy skulls and skeletons HERE

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Pawpawsaurus campbelli (Nodosaurid ankylosaur)

This new Dinosaur species was found in 1992 by Cameron Campbell. Pawpawsaurus, meaning "Pawpaw Lizard", is a nodosaurid ankylosaur from the Cretaceous of Tarrant County, Texas, discovered in May 1992. The only species yet assigned to this taxon, Pawpawsaurus campbelli, is based on a complete skull (lacking mandibles) from the marine Paw Paw Formation (Wachita Group). This is the only nodosaurid known to have possessed the bony eyelids commonly found in ankylosaurids. Based on the dimensions of the skull, Pawpawsaurus is believed to have been approximately 15 feet long.

Pawpawsaurus campbelli, nodosaurid ankylosaur skull cast replica

Measures: 9.5"L, x 7.25"W x 5"H

Weighs approx. 4.5 lb.

Cast in gypsum cement $249


Pinacosaurus skull cast replica

Pinacosaurus was a lightly-built, medium-sized ankylosaur with a long skull, that reached a length of 5 meters (16 ft). Like all ankylosaurids, it had a bony club at the end of its tail which it used as a defensive weapon against predators such as Tarbosaurus. The most unusual element in the original specimen is the presence of two additional egg-shaped holes, one on top of the other, where the nostrils are normally found. The openings are characteristic of the genus, and the number varies: Godefroit et al. described four in 1999, and in 2003 a juvenile specimen with of five pairs of openings was described.

Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus

Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus skeleton cast replica panel.

This skeleton cast is made of resin/fiberglass and measures 72x30 inches.

$900 (we also have one available at a reduced price please inquire)

Plesiosaurus (pronounced: plee-zee-oh-SAWR-us). Its name comes from the Greek: plesios, which means "near to" + sauros, meaning: "lizard"). Plesiosaurus was a large (about 3 to 5 meters long), marine Sauropterygian reptile that lived during the early part of the Jurassic Period, and is known by nearly complete skeletons from the Lias of England and Germany. It was distinguished by its small head, long and slender neck, broad turtle like body, a short tail, and two pairs of large, elongated paddles. It lends its name to the order Plesiosauria, of which it is an early but fairly typical member.

Plesiosaurus was one of the first of the "antediluvian reptiles" to be discovered (by Mary Anning), and excited great interest in Victorian England. It was so-named ("near lizard") by William Conybeare, to indicate that it was more like a normal reptile than Ichthyosaurus, which had been found in the same rock strata just a few years previously.

Each cast is handmade and hand painted. As a result, the color of casts may vary slightly.

Prenocephale prenes
Prenocephale prenes

Classification: Pachycephalosauria; Pachycephalosauridae

Pachycephalosauridae and Homocephalidae Prenocephale prenes and Homalocephale calathocercos are both pachycephalosaurids, literally 'thickheads'. The top of their skulls were 8 to 10 centimetres thick, solid bone apparently protecting a walnut-sized brain. This thickening of the skull has been interpreted as allowing these animals to act like the living mountain sheep in which the males compete for females by holding head-butting contests.

In addition to the domed heads other indications that these dinosaurs head butted can be seen in the stiff spinal column, thus giving it strength for the forces applied when contact occurred, and the angle of articulation of the skull and the neck vertebrae-which puts the head in just the right position to make butting safe and not a back-breaking exercise.

These dinosaurs have very small teeth with serrated crowns, ideal for shredding plant material.

Pachycephalosaurids may have had a lifestyle very like that of modern sheep and goats and even may have moved about in small herds.

Prenocephale prenes skull cast replica (ZPAL MgD-I/104)

Pronounced: Pre-know-CEPH-ah-lee, Home-al-oh -CEPH-a h -lee

This specimen is from the Late Cretaceous (Late Campanian-Early Maastrichtian). It was discovered in the Nemegt Formation of the Gobi Desert, Nemegt, Mongolia

The name Prenocephale Means: "Sloping head" and this feature is clear on this wonderful skull

Skull measures: 9.1 in (23cm) in length

Resin cast: $419.00 (plus shipping)


We ship anywhere in the world.

Probactrosaurus gobiensis

Probactrosaurus gobiensis

meaning of Name: "Before the Bactrian reptile"

Probactrosaurus is classified as: Ornithopoda; Iguanodontia; Iguanodontidae.

Probactrosaurus skeleton.

It's fossils have been found in the Early Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian) sediments.

Discovered in the Alashan Desert, Inner Mongolia, China.

Complete skeleton 500cm (16 1/2 feet) in length

Resin cast: Price $21,300

Prognathadon stadtmani (see Mosasaur)

Prosaurolophis Skull cast replica (Plaque)

Prosaurolophis Skull cast (Plaque).

Prosaurolophus (meaning "before Saurolophus", in comparison to the dinosaur with a similar head crest) is a genus of hadrosaurid (or duck-billed) dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America. It is known from the remains of at least 25 individuals belonging to two species, including skulls and skeletons, but it remains obscure.

Around 9 meters long (29.5 ft), its fossils have been found in the late Campanian-age Upper Cretaceous Dinosaur Park Formation in Alberta, and Montana. Its most recognizable feature is a small solid crest formed by the nasal bones, sticking up in front of the eyes.

Beautiful duck-billed dinosaur skull replica cast in resin.

Measures approx 36 inches.

$575 (plus shippinng)


Protoceratops Juvenile Skull Cast

Protoceratops Juvenile Skull Cast

Protoceratops Juvenile Skull Cast

A beautiful cast of a Protoceratops andrewsi juvenile skull from Mongolia.

This cast measures 11" long, 5" wide, and 8" high (on base) / 5 1/2" high off base.

Weight: Aprox 3 pounds (prior to packaging)

$ Sale: $145 base included.

Protoceratops skull cast (small) w/base

Protoceratops skull (small) w/base, 5 x 11 x 5" (5 lbs)

Scientific Name: Protoceratops andrewsi

Discovered in Mongolia at the Djadochta formation

Age: Late Cretaceous

Protoceratops Skull (medium) with base

Protoceratops Skull cast (medium) with base

Protoceratops Skull (medium) w/base, 10 x 16.5 x 8" (10 lbs).

Scientific Name: Protoceratops andrewsi

Discovered in Mongolia at the Djochta formation

Late Cretaceous

A great companion to our other protoceratops skulls and skeletons.

Resin cast: Now

Protoceratops Skull Cast

Protoceratops Skull Cast (large)

Protoceratops Skull (large)

Protoceratops andrewsi from Mongolia

Adult skull, 18" high, 22" long, 22" wide, with base. (aprox 25 lbs)

Resin cast Was $ Now $

Protoceratops skeleton
Protoceratops andrewsi Skeleton. Late Cretaceous, Discovered at the Djadochta Formation of Mongolia

Ceratopsian Skeleton:

Measurements: Over 6 feet long! This skeleton measures 74 inches long, 31 inches tall at the hip, 31 inches tall at the top of the frill 34 inches tall at the tallest part of the tail, and 24 inches wide.

Specimen: Private

Resin cast: Unassembled Kit $ (shipping dimensions for kit: 21x26x30 box. 40lbs)

Protoceratops andrewsi juvenile

Protoceratops andrewsi juvenile

"First horned face"

Ceratopsia; Neoceratopsia; Protoceratopsidae

Late Cretaceous (Campanian), Djadokhta formation

This wonderful Protoceratops juvenile skeleton is 35cm in length.

Resin cast: $1,499


Protoceratops andrewsi life reconstruction

Protoceratops andrewsi life-like reconstruction.

This great life-size model makes a great companion to a Protoceratops skeleton or any museum display.

We used our Protoceratops skeleton as a reference for sculpting this piece.

Made of sturdy fiberglass and resin.

A Taylor Made Fossils exclusive!

Net weight of cast : 22.61 pounds (10.26 kg)

Measures: (LxWxH, in) : 72.25 x 13.5 x 23.25
(6.02 feet x 1.12 x 1.93 feet)

Boxed size: (LxWxH, in) : 73 x 14.25 x 24



We have a full line of Life-size dinosaur statues and sculptures

Protoceratops & Velociraptor Fight Scene

Protoceratops & Velociraptor Fight Scene Plaque.

Scientific Name: Protoceratops and Velociraptor mongoliensis

Location: Mongolia, Djochta Formation.

Late Cretaceous.

This is a recreation of a fearsome fight to the death utilizing casts made from actual dinosaur skeletons. The velociraptors claw is embedded in the ribs of the protoceratops, while the protoceratops defends itself by biting the arm of the velociraptor! An instant display. Suitable for museum or home display.

Size 37" x 79," x 4" (aprox 100 lbs before crating).

Resin cast: $9,450 plus shipping.

Psittacosaurus meileyingensis skeleton
Psittacosaurus Skeleton

Early Cretaceous. Discovered at the Jiufotang Formation of Liaoning Province, China

Psittacosaurus meileyingensis (?)

Measurements: 38 inches long

Specimen: Private

Resin cast: Assembled Mount, $ Sale $

I also have several Real psittacosaur skeletons available

Psittacosaurus meileyingensis skull cast

Psittacosaurus Skull with base, 3 x 5.5 x 3" (8 lbs).

Scientific Name: Psittacosaurus meileyingensis (?)

Location: China, Liaoning Province

From the Jiufotang Formation

Early Cretaceous

Resin Psittacosaurus cast: $

Psittacosaurus: Large Psittacosaurus Skull cast replica

Large Psittacosaurus Skull cast replica

Scientific Name: Psittacosaurus lujitunensis

Location: Liaoning Prov. China

Fomation: Yixian

Early Cretaceous

Measures: 6" L x 6.5" W

Molded from a privately owned fossil skull

$ (plus shipping)

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more photos or information.

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We also have Psittacosaurus Five Babies In Situ - Fossil Replica 33.5 in. long x 21 in. x 5 in. high (85 x 53 x 13) $3,500 (photos available by request)

'Ptweety' the Tiniest Pteranodon
'Ptweety' the Worlds Tiniest Pteranodon.

Original specimen discovered by Ken Jenkins.

This skeleton was prepared, reconstructed, then molded and cast by Todd Hoelmer. 'Ptweety's skull measures 6" in length. The maximum wingspan is approx 5'.

Articulated cast $1,600

Unassembled $600



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Quetzalcoatlus skull and skeleton cast replica


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Raptorex Primitive Tyrannosaurid
Raptorex skeleton cast replica

Primitive Tyrannosaurid

Inner Mongolia


Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Reptilia, Superorder: Dinosauria, Order: Saurischia, Suborder: Theropoda, Superfamily: Tyrannosauroidea, Genus: Raptorex (Sereno et al., 2009)

Raptorex skull cast replica
Raptorex skull cast replica.

This skull measures 13 inches (33 cm) length, 3.75 inches (9.5 cm) wide, 6 inches height.

The only cast available from the original fossil material.

$840 (plus shipping)

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more photos or information.

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Raptorex skull cast #2

Raptorex skull cast replica

This is an artists rendition of the new Raptorex specimen. It is based on scientific photographs and measurements of the original fossils.

Length: 349mm (13.75")


NOT Available at present

Rhamphorhynchus gemmingi

Rhinoceros Fossil Woolly Rhino skeleton (Authentic Fossils)
Available for immediate delivery a very large fossil Woolly Rhino skeleton. It measures 15 feet long and 6 foot 4 inches at the shoulder. Price $ please contact us

We have dozens of photos if interested.

We have Authentic Fossil Woolly Rhinoceras skulls, Woolly Rhino skeletons and legal fossil rhino tusks for sale.

We also have a Woolly rhino cast skeleton

Please see our Wooly Rhino page. (misspellings: wooly rhinoceras fossils wooly rhinoceros cast replicas)

Rhinoceros fossil skeleton


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Saichania Skull cast replica

Scientific Name: Saichania chulsanensis

Santanadactylus pricei skeleton in matrix

Santanadactylus pricei Articulated in matrix.

Santandactylus (meaning "Santana Formation wing") was a genus of pterodactyloid pterosaur from the Aptian-age Romualdo Member of the Lower Cretaceous Santana Formation, of Barra do Jardim, Araripe Plateau, Ceara Province, Brazil. Four species have been named. It was a large, long-necked pterosaur, with a relatively short snout, with teeth.

This specimen measures 43" and is housed in the Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Discovered in the Santana Formation, Brazil

Plaque Mount

Resin cast $950 Sale $935

Click to see image of top of skull

Sarcosuchus imperator Supercroc skull cast replica

Sarcosuchus imperator Supercroc

Sarcosuchus imperator (flesh eating crocodile), nicknamed Supercroc, (Cretaceous).

Sarcosuchus imperator skull cast measures: 57" Long, 33" Wide, 18" High

Bone Clones cast: $
(plus crating and shipping*)

*Shipping cost for this item can not be calculated in the shopping cart. Crate cost $300

With an estimated body length of 40 feet, and a skull over 5 1/2 feet long, Supercroc is one of the largest crocodiles that ever walked the Earth. The Sarcosuchus's jaws are lined with over 100 teeth. Unlike modern crocodilians whose teeth interlock, Supercroc's lower teeth fit inside its uppers, leading scientists to the conclusion that Sarcosuchus imperator did not limit its diet to fish. It is believed that Sarcosuchus was an ambush predator capable of killing large dinosaurs that wandered too close to the water's edge. The Sarcosuchus's unusual bulbous snout is thought to have given it a greater ability to smell prey and make louder sounds. This gigantic crocodilian was first discovered in the Sahara desert by Albert-Felix de Lapparent (1964) and named by France de Broin / Phillipe Taquet (1966).

Scutosaurus skeleton cast replica
Scutosaurus Pronounced: Skew-toe-SAWR-us

The name means: Shield Reptile

Classification: Parareptilia: Pareiasauroidea; Pareiasauridae

Discovered in Sokolki, Malaya Severnaya (Small North), Dvina River near Archangel'sk, northern Russia

Age: Late Permian, Zone IV

This skeleton measures about 1 metre (100 cm) long

Skeleton of a herbivorous scutosaur, a primitive reptile. Several skeletons of this large animal were found together in a flood channel sand deposit by Prof. V. P. Amalitzky.

Scutosaurus ("shield Reptile") was a genus of armor-covered pareiasaur, perhaps as much as 3.5 m long, which lived in Russia, in the later Permian period. Its genus name refers to large plates of armor scattered across its body. It was a large anapsid reptile that, unlike most reptiles, held its legs underneath its body to support its great weight.

Resin cast replica $4,425.00* USD ($4,610.00 AUD) (or less please inquire). Skull also available separately.

Scientific name: Catonyx tarijensis

Sloth: Paramylodon harlai Harlan's Ground Sloth Skeleton cast replica

Harlan's Ground Sloth Skeleton

Paramylodon harlai Harlan's Ground Sloth Skeleton cast replica.

Paramylodon is an extinct genus of ground sloth known from North America deposits in Mexico and the United States. Currently there is just one recognized species, P. harlani, that is commonly referred to as Harlan's ground sloth in honor of American paleontologist Dr. Richard Harlan who first discovered and described a lower jaw in 1835. Paramylodon exhibits an interesting character of having had dermal ossicles, small bones embedded in the skin. This would have provided an interesting degree of protection to the animal, and this character is also shared by the South American Mylodon.

Sloth skeleton cast replica skeleton. Cast in Polyurathane from an original fossil,from Late Pleistocene Rancho La Brea LACMNH license.

Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Mammalia, Superorder: Xenarthra, Order: Pilosa, Family: Mylodontidae, Subfamily: Mylodontinae, Genus: Paramylodon, (Brown, 1903) Species: P. harlani

Estimated weight: 760 lbs Measures: 7ft / 2.1m

$17,325.00 (mounted and crated). Shipping not included.

Spinosaurus skull cast replica / Spinosaurus skeleton cast replica (please inquire)


Stegosaurus (Hesperosaur) skeleton

Stegosaurus - Hesperosaurus skeleton mount

Full size mounted stegosaurus skeleton mount.

This mounted stegosaurid measures approx: 6 m long and 2.2m tall (approx 20ft long by 8ft tall)

This skeleton is available for rent

Stegosaurus skeleton
Stegosaurus stenops skeleton panel cast. This wonderful Jurassic skeleton panel measures approximately 15 x 8 feet and is cast in the finest materials, and is available for both display $13,000 or $6,995 for a playground version. Both are beautiful, but the first is more suitable for professional display.

More Dinosaur dig panels

Stegosaurus skull #1
Stegosaurus stenops skull

Jurassic; measures: 13 x 7 x 6 inches

Resin cast: $975

Please call or email us.

We also take checks, money orders and credit cards.

View left side of skull
View top of skull

Stegosaurus Dorsal plate 18 1/2 inches!

Stegosaurus Dorsal and XL plate (available below)

Stegosaurus Dorsal (back) Plate with base,

Measures 18.5",

Resin cast: $

Sale: $

Please call or email us.

We also take checks, money orders, and credit cards.

Stegosaurus plate

This amazing Stegosaurus plate measures 23.75" high!

(Sabertooth cat not included)

Stegosaurus Plate with base,

Age: Cretaceous

Discovered in Mesa County, Western Colorado at the Morrison Formation

Resin cast: $ Sale $265

Please call or email us for more information.

We also take checks, money orders, and credit cards.

We also have some smaller stegosaurus plates for $35 Pictured here

Stegosaurus Tail Spike
Stegosaurus Tail Spike

This cast measures 20 inches long (51cm).

It is cast from the famous armored dinosaur Stegosaurus. This specimen is from the Jurassic of the Morrison Formation, Cleveland Lloyd Quarry, Utah USA.

Resin cast: $35.00

The color of casts may vary.

Featured item: Sarah the Stegosaurus (Return to Top of page)

Sarah the Stegosaurus (Authentic Fossil Stegosaurus skeleton)
Sarah the Stegosaurus is one of the most complete and most remarkable Stegosaurus skeletons ever found.

Above is picture of Sarah while she was at the Swiss prep lab.

This photo shows her skeleton partially prepared.

We also have pictures of Sarah's bones before prep work.

Sarah's Skull:

Is one of the most renowned, near-complete skulls. It was missing only the left orbital, left jugal, prefrontals, and lacrimals. It has 32 preserved teeth.

The color map shows how complete the skeleton is. The white area is missing bone (the missing bones can be filled in with casts).

The aerial shot shows Sarah still in the ground.

This amazing stegosaurus skeleton was discovered in July 2004 on private ranch land in WY.

The skeleton is over 90% complete. It is a well-articulated sub-adult Stegosaurus armatus and represents one of the most complete, well-preserved Stegosaurus specimens ever found.

Sarah's Plates:
Sarah has the most complete series of dermal armor ever found. There are 18 plates and four spikes.

Please call us at (314) 556-0650 for price. We're nice people and are happy to give you any information you'd like with no pressure to purchase anything.

Sure to be a crowd pleaser

Stegosaurus armatus Sarah skeleton cast replica

Sarah the Stegosaurus skull cast.

$1,250 the most complete Stegosaurus armatus skull ever found!

For more information please call or email us.

We also take checks, money orders and credit cards.

A cast replica made from Sarah's skeleton is also available for $65,000 for mounted skeleton.

This can be broken down into smaller sections for easy assembly. Skeleton can be mounted in various positions. Standard mount measures: 16'8" l x 8'9" h x 4'4" w (508 x 227 x 132)

Stigymoloch Skull cast

Struthiomimus full skeleton mount cast replica

Struthiomimus Translation: Ostrich Mimic. Struthiomimus (strooth-ee-oh-MIME-us) was a long-legged, ostrich-like dinosaur of the family Ornithomimidae, which lived in the area that is now Alberta, Canada. Its generic name is derived from a Greek word meaning "ostrich" and also a word meaning "mimic" or "imitator". The specific name altus is from Latin, meaning "lofty" or "noble".

This skeleton is 15 ft long and 6 ft tall at the hipsStruthiomimus skeleton cast replica. New price: $45,000

Struthiomimus Skull cast replica

Struthiomimus Skull (Margie)

This Delicate and fascinating specimen is made entirely of resin and was found near Glendive, MT. It weighs a mere 1lb. and measures 12"x4"x6".

Struthiomimus (meaning "ostrich mimic", from the Greek strouthion meaning "ostrich" and mimos meaning "mimic" or "imitator") is a genus of ornithomimid dinosaur from the late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada. It was a long-legged, ostrich-like dinosaur.

The bipedal Struthiomimus stood about 14 ft long (4.3 meters) and 4.6 ft (1.4 meters) tall at the hips and weighed around 330 lb (150 kilograms). Struthiomimus is one of the more common small dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Provincial Park; its abundance suggests that it was a herbivore or omivore rather than a carnivore.

Struthiomimus Right hand cast

Struthiomimus : Right hand of Struthiomimus

The original fossil of this Struthiomimus was found in the Hell Creek Formation near Glendive, Montana. The original skeleton found was about 60% complete.

Struthiomimus Right hand cast. Please contact us for price:(314) 556-0650 call or email us.

We also take checks, money orders and credit cards.

Struthiomimus altus skeleton cast (mounted or in situ) in additon to individual skeletal elements are also available. Please ask.

Stygimoloch partial skull cast replica

Stygimoloch (meaning "horned devil from the river of death") is a genus of pachycephalosaurid dinosaur from the Cretaceous. Stygimoloch is currently known from the Hell Creek Formation and Lance Formation of the Western Interior (United States), where it lived alongside Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. The type species is Stygimoloch spinifer.

Stygimoloch partial skull cast replica (resin) $350 painted (or $300 unpainted)

Stygi Partial Skull cast measures 17" long, 15" wide and 5" high. Cast weighs 7 lbs.

We also have a Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis / Stygimoloch complete skull and skeleton available. Please call or email us for price and pictures.

Supersaurus scapula fossil cast
Supersaurus scapula fossil cast. This is one of the biggest fossil casts you will ever see (if not the biggest). This single vertebra measures a whopping 8ft! (2.5m).

Type Specimen. Dry Mesa Upper Jurassic Sauropod.

Molded from original BYU specimen.

Supersaurus (meaning "super lizard") is a genus of diplodocid sauropod dinosaur discovered in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of Colorado in 1972. It is among the largest dinosaurs known, possibly reaching 33 to 34 meters (108 to 112 ft) in length

$2,750.00 (plus crating/shipping)

Shipping and crating are not included.

For our full line of Sauropod dinosaur casts click here.


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For T.rex (T-rex), Tyrannosaurus rex etc - See T.rex (lower on this page)

Tanycolagreus skull or skeleton cast replica

Tanycolagreus skeleton, measures 12 feet long

$27,000 mounted.

Tanycolagreus is a genus of coelurid theropod from the Late Jurassic of North America. The holotype is a partial skeleton recovered from the Bone Cabin Quarry West locality, Albany County, Wyoming, from the Morrison Formation . The holotype includes an incomplete skull and mandibles and much of the postcranial skeleton

Tanycolagreus skull (based on the only skull material known for the genus)

Jurassic dinosaur

Cast measures 10.5 inches long

$500.00 (Skull with stand $575).

Tarbosaurus fossil cast replica skeleton

Tarbosaurus (pronounced TAHR-bow-SAWR-us; meaning "terrifying lizard") is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur that flourished in Asia.

This Tarbosaurus Battaar skeleton cast was molded from original fossils.

$50,000.00 unassembled.

$60,000 assembled.

A great cast of a Tyrannossaurid skeleton.

TARBOSAURUS bataar skeleton

TARBOSAURUS bataar ("Alarming reptile from Bataar")

Classification: THEROPODA; Carnosauria; Tyrannosauridae

Late Cretaceous (Late Campanian-Early Maastrichtian), Nemegt Formation

Locality: Gobi Desert, Southern Peoples' Republic of Mongolia

Size: 900cm (over 29 ft) in length

Resin cast: Price $75,000 USD

Tarbosaurus skull cast replica

Click for larger image

Tarbosaurus skull replica

This full size skull measures 130cm (4 1/2 ft) in length

A beautiful example of this great dinosaur.

This skull is the holotype T. bataar for the Paleontological Institute Moscow, PIN 551/1

Resin cast: $6,995

Please note that color of all casts may vary.

T.rex Tarbosaurus skull cast replica 4

Tarbosaurus the T.rex from Asia.

This skull cast measures 44 inches long, 29 inches high, and 24 inches wide.

$4,000 plus crating and shipping.

Please note that shipping for this item can not be calculated in the shopping cart. You will be invoiced for shipping cost.

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more photos, information, or shipping cost.

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Teratophoneus curriei

Teratophoneus Juvenile Tyrannosaur Skeleton cast replica

Thescelosaurus neglectus Skeleton cast replica

Titanichthys Skull cast replica

Titanichthys agassizi was a giant, aberrant marine placoderm from the Late Devonian. It approached Dunkleosteus in size and build. Unlike its relative, however, T. agassizi had small, ineffective-looking mouth-plates that lacked a sharp cutting edge. It is presumed that the beast used its capacious mouth to swallow or inhale schools of small, anchovy-like fish, or possibly krill-like zooplankton, and that the mouth-plates retained the prey while allowing the water to escape as it closed its mouth.

When the first specimens were found in Morocco by geologist Henri Termier, Titanichthys was originally placed within the genus Gorgonichthys - that is, after Termier was able to convince his colleagues that the bone scraps were of a placoderm, and not a A junior synonym is Brontichthys, which should not be confused with another arthrodire, Bruntonicthys (Dinichthyidae).

Late Devonian
Locality Morocco
Measures approx. 91.5 cm x 119.4 cm x 139.7 cm (36 in x 47 in x 55 in)
Resin cast: $8,500.00

Please contact us for pictures.


Triceratops skull cast replica.

Triceratops skull cast replica.

Molded from one of the finest Triceratops fossil skulls ever found.

This skull cast measures 6 ft long by 5 foot wide by 4 foot high (not including the height of the stand).

$8,400 (this includes the crating but not the shipping).

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more photos or information.

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Triceratops skull cast replica. (item BHI #126847)

Triceratops skull cast replica.

Measures 83 in Long.

$8,500 (plus crating and shipping).

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more photos or information.

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Triceratops skull - REAL FOSSIL SKULL
Triceratops skull. This is a real fossil not a replica.

Full size adult Triceratops skull. Measures over 7 feet in length.

Located in the U.S.

$149,000. I will gladly send more pictures if needed.

Please email us at: taylormadefossils@yahoo.com or call (314) 556-0650 for more details.

Triceratops skull and skeleton

Triceratops skull (and/or) skeleton. We have several skulls and skeletons of Triceratops for sale. We will beat any price! Please inquire. You can purchase the skull alone or with a skeleton.

Triceratops Skull plaque

Triceratops Skull plaque cast: $1,200 (plus $300 US shipping). For shipping cost outside the US please contact us.

Triceratops Skull plaque

This Triceratops skull has been mounted in a 3D profile view much like it might have appeared in death. This type of mount allows it to be hung on a wall.

If space is an issue in your museum or collection this is a great way to finally own your own Triceratops skull. The panel is made of resin and fiberglass. It is 72 inches long, inches 42 wide and 12 inches in relief.

Please email us for more photos or information.

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Triceratops statue

Triceratops statue.

This fiberglass dinosaur statue is now available.

Custom painted - you choose the colors.

Statues are finished with a protective topcoat suitable for outdoor use.

Price is $4,995 plus shipping.

We will gladly discount multiple items.

More lifesize dinosaur sculptures here.

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more photos or information.

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Triceratops (Baby) Replicas
Baby Triceratops Replicas Available

In 2006 near Jordan, Montana, a triceratops quarry was discovered. The quarry contained a sub-adult triceratops partial skull and skeleton, and elements from a baby triceratops. The first two elements from the baby that were found were the left humerus and the right dentary. The humerus (6.25" long) was complete and dentary was 50% complete. As preparation continued on the sub-adult material, the left dentary was discovered! This one was complete, allowing for the length of the dentary to be known (5.25 inches)! With the left one found complete, the right one could be reconstructed.

Now, these very rare and unique replicas are available. Each dentary has a tooth in it. This is truly a unique set of replicas. With these elements, it can be estimated how big the triceratops was. It is guessed to be under 3 feet long, with a skull less than 12 inches!

They were found near Jordan, Montana and in the world famous Hell Creek Formation. This formation is upper cretaceous.

The first Tyrannosaurus rex was collected within 100 miles of the site by Barnum brown over 100 years ago.

Resin cast: $110 jaw

You will be sent a paypal invoice for shipping costs.

Triceratops baby horn replica

This baby Triceratops supraorbital (above the eye) horn replica is the smallest known horn from a Triceratops that has been identified to date.

This is a wonderful replica to display all by itself, or obtain it for size comparisons between adult, juvenile, and baby.

Discovered in the Hell Creek Formation, Harding County, South Dakota.

This ships with an I.D. label, or you can choose the mounted version - on an attractive acrylic base with label.

Size Approx. 7.5 cm (3 in) in length

Price: $25.00

Triceratops Brow Horn
Triceratops horridus brow horn with base.

Discovered in Wyoming, USA

From the Lance Formation.

Late Cretaceous.

Triceratops horn measures 28"

Resin cast $225 (plus shipping)

Triceratops Brow Horn #2
Like antlers and horns on modern day mammals, Triceratops horns were probably used more for show (and thus mate selection) than for defense. But if you would rather forget we said that and instead reminisce on the more romantic "T. rex versus Triceratops" concept, we'll understand. And its important to remember that much speculation goes into recreating the life of dinosaurs so Triceratops may have indeed defended itself with those massive, reinforced horns.

Triceratops of course had three horns, two on it's brow and another smaller horn behind it's snout. When you hold these giant bones in your hands, consider that only the inner cores are preserved as fossils. In life, these structures would have been sheathed in a hard, shiny horn. Truly this was an awesome tool for one incredible dinosaur.

Triceratops Brow Horn

Measures 22" Long

Resin cast: $70 (plus shipping)

Triceratops horns cast replica - Double horns!
Triceratopps long double brow horns. This pair of triceratops horns come from the quadruped plant-eater of the late Cretaceous of North America.

Horns measure 22" long and 13.5" in between the two tips.

$115.50 Sale price $110.00

Triceratops Nose Horn cast #2

Just cast! This new find of a Triceratops Nose Horn is exceptional in detail. Resin cast measures 8 1/2" tall
Competitor price $195 Our price $180

We also have 2 other Triceratops nose horns ($50 and $80. Please email us for pictures)


T.rex skeleton Ivan skeleton cast replica: 40ft long

Ivan the Terrible T.rex

Now available for sale Ivan the T-rex skeleton cast replica.

This skeleton measures 40 ft long by 12 ft high at the hip.

Complete T-rex skeleton cast fully assembled $85,000

Complete T.rex skeleton cast: Unassembled skeleton also available - please inquire.

Production time for this skeleton varies. Please contact us.

Custom mounted to your specifications.

This skeleton was molded from the original skeleton now on display at The Museum of World Treasures in Wichita, Kansas, United States.

Ivan the T. rex was discovered by Alan Komrosky in 2007. An amazing 65% of this giant Tyrannosaurus Rex was recovered. When it was found, Ivan had the most complete tail of any T. rex, with only three vertebrae missing.

This skeleton is available for rent!

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more information or photos.

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Tyrannosaurus rex T-rex T.rex Stan the T-rex

Here is one of the most famous T.rex skulls of all time. This specimen nicknamed "Stan", in honor of amateur paleontologist Stan Sacrison, was found in the Hell Creek Formation near Buffalo, South Dakota, in the spring of 1987. After 30,000 hours of digging and preparing, a 65% complete skeleton emerged. This tyrannosaur was found to have many bone pathologies, including broken and healed ribs, a broken (and healed) neck and a spectacular hole in the back of its head, about the size of a front lower Tyrannosaurus tooth.

Please inquire about other specimens.

Resin cast: $9,500.00 (crating and shipping not included)


Half skull $5,750 (crating and shipping not included)

We have several Full size T.rex skeletons available. Please contact us for pictures and prices.

Tyrannosaurus Rex "Harley" fossil skull
Tyrannosaurus Rex "Harley" fossil skull

This cast replica comes from the Cretaceous Hell Creek formation, Jordan, Montana.

The original is an Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History specimen.

Resin cast measures 53x35x40in

Resin cast $9,899 (plus crating / shipping)

T.rex Tyrannosaurus rex (skull & jaws)

Tyrannosaurus rex (skull & jaws)
Life size (1:1 scale) complete skull with mandible included. You won't find a better price on a cast replica T-rex skull anywhere. We will match anyone's price. Various stands available.

Tyrannosaurus rex (skull & jaws)

Resin 50 x 36 x 36 inches

$3,200 plus $300 US shipping (please contact us for shipping outside the US).

Tyrannosaurus rex Life-Size Skull Sculpture

Resin Sculpture

The quality and detail of this sculpture is superb. While not as scientifically accurate as a cast, the quality and attention to detail is wonderfully executed. In addition to it's impressive appearance as an exhibit (or the ultimate conversation piece), this skull makes an excellent educational tool.

51 x 38.75 in (Life Size)

$499 for indoor use.

A different resin is used for outdoor use and is an additional $60.


Outdoor resin cast: $559 (plus shipping)

T-rex dinosaur foot cast

T-rex foot cast replica.

This foot measures 46 in. tall. The widest part of the foot measures 21 inches across (from the tip of the first toe to the tip of the 3rd toe. The length of the longest toe (the middle) is 23 inches.

Resin: $550.00

There is a $50 charge for a large box or wood shipping crate. Shipping is not included. On average shipping cost is between $100-200. Please contact us for exact shipping cost.

T-rex (Tyrannosauripus) Footprint cast replica #1

Tyrannosauripus pillmorei footprint cast replica.

Discovered in Cimarron, New Mexico, USA in the Raton Formation.

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more information or photos.

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Cast Tyrannosaurus / Tryrannosauripus pillmorei print measures aprox 31 inches wide x 37 inches high. Cast protrudes from wall between 6 and 8 inches in different parts of the cast.
The actual footprint portion of the cast measures aprox. 26 inches wide by 33 inches high. Weight before packing is aprox 20 pounds.

T- rex Track, positive cast, $675 (plus shipping)


Negative cast also available, $675 (plus shipping)

T.rex Footprint Cast #2

"My students LOVE the T-rex footprint that I purchased from Taylor Made Fossils!"

"The T-rex print is just great!!!!!"

Another great example of a T.rex (T-rex, Tyrannosaurus rex) footprint cast replica.

This cast can be hung on a wall or laid flat. It can be cast in solid resin with a special hardener added to enable the print to be stood on by children. (price will be slightly higher)

This T.rex footprint measures 33x34 inches, and the entire cast measures 48x48"

Resin cast $295 (plus shipping)

There is a $50 charge for a wood shipping crate. Shipping is not included. On average shipping cost is between $100-200. Please contact us for exact shipping cost.

Please call (314) 556-0650 or email us for more information or photos.

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T- rex Pubis (T.rex, Trex)

T- rex Pubis

Scientific Name: Tyrannosaurus rex

A pubis of the famous T-rex. The original fossils was discovered in the Lance Formation of Wyoming, USA

Late Cretaceous

This cast replica T-rex Pubis measures 51"

$1295 plus shipping

T-Rex Brain Cast
T-Rex Brain Cast / T.Rex Brain Cast

This is an impression from the skull cavity of this Carnosaur of the late Cretaceous of North America. the T.rex brain shows evidence of a keen sense of smell. sight and hearing. All aspects of a highly developed predator.

Resin cast is 7.5" inches long


Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth Progression Partial Dentary cast replica

Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth Progression Partial Dentary cast replica

Late Cretaceous - Maastrichtian Locality: Hell Creek Formation, Harding County, South Dakota

This reconstruction, showing Tyrannosaurus rex tooth progression, provides a fascinating look inside the tooth regeneration process of the most fierce predator North America has ever hosted.

The exterior of the dentary is intact, while the interior provides an open window to the innermost actions taking place. The Theropod dinosaurs regrew their teeth as the old ones became too worn or broke off. The blood vessels and soft tissues would have transported the raw materials necessary for healthy teeth and bone as these massive giants continually regenerated their fearsome smile and devastating bite."

T-rex partial dentary resin cast: measures: 11x11x3.5 inches


Trilobite Fossils and cast replicas

We have a large supply of real Trilobite fossils and Trilobite cast replicas


Fossils starting with "U" (Click Here to Return to Top of page)

Uintatherium Skeleton fossil cast replica

Uintatherium Skeleton Rare and exotic dinocerta mammal of Eocene Uinta Colorado. Gunma MNH (Japan).

Uintatherium mounted skeleton measures: 114in (2.89 m) length.

Available mounted: $21,650 or $16,000.00 unmounted (plus shipping)

Uintatherium is an extinct genus of mammals. Fossil remains were discovered near Fort Bridger, Wyoming. This was a large browsing animal, about the size of a rhinoceros. What was most unusual about Uintatherium was its skull which was large and strongly built. Uintatherium had a flat, concave skull a feature not found in any other mammal, save, perhaps in some brontotheres. Its cranial capacity was exceptionally small due the walls of the cranium being tremendously thick. The weight of the skull was mitigated by numerous sinuses permeating the walls of the cranium, like those in an elephant's skull. The large upper canines were apparently formidable defensive weapons and were larger in males than in females.

Uintatherium skull cast replica

The skulls of the males bore six prominent knob-like ossicones (horn-like or antler-like protuberance) which grew from the frontal region of the skull. The function of these structures is unknown. They may have been of used for defense or display. Uintatherium lived during the early to middle portions of the Eocene. It was an herbivore, eating leaves, grasses and shrubs. Uintatherium lived near water and used its sabre-like canines to pluck the aquatic and marsh plants which comprised its diet. It became extinct by climatic changes and competition with brontotheres, and true and hyrachodont rhinocerii without leaving any descendants.

Uintatherium Skull cast replica

Mammal amblypod of the Eocene Uinta Formation of Colorado.

Measures 29x13in (74x33cm).



Please email us for more information or photos.

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Utahceratops skull cast replica

Utahceratops skeleton cast replica

Utahraptor foot with base

Utahraptor leg with armature


Fossils starting with "V" (Click Here to Return to Top of page)

Velafrons Skull cast replica

Velociraptor Skull

Velociraptor Skull cast from original skull.

Scientific Name: Velociraptor mongoliensis

Discovered in Mongolia in the Djochta formation.

Age: Late Cretaceous.

Resin Skull cast with base, 4 x 9 x 3" (3 lbs)


Velociraptor mongoliensis skull cast replica #2

Velociraptor mongoliensis skull cast replica #2

PIN 3143/8

Meaning of Name: "swift robber" / "Speedy predator"

Classification: Theropoda; Dromaeosauridae

Late Cretaceous (Campanian),

Djadokhta Formation,

Locality: Shabarak Usa, Gobi Desert, southeastern Peoples' Republic of Mongolia

Size: 22cm in length

Price: $350 (plus shipping)


Velociraptor mongoliensis skull cast replica #3

Additional photo

Velociraptor mongoliensis skull cast replica #3

Type: Model Replica
Species: V. mongoliensis
Length: 247mm (9.75")

This Velociraptor skull replica is a projected model from a full-size adult. This species reached a total length of almost 7 feet, which put the skull just shy of 10 inches.

A complete skull of this size has never been found, but there is more than enough data to create an accurate model. The skull you see here is stunningly accurate, and the cast is truly superb. Every possible detail has been captured - from the serrated teeth to the texture of the bone, to the highly detailed hand-painted finish, this replica is truly a work of art.

Was $148.00 Now: $99 plus shipping


Velociraptor reconstruction

VELOCIRAPTOR mongoliensis life-size reconstruction.

Meaning of Name: "Speedy predator"

THEROPODA; Dromaeosauridae

Late Cretaceous (Campanian), Djadokhta Formation.

Size: 250cm long

Fleshed Models are sculpted using all available reference material to achieve accurate interpretations. Models are cast in durable fiberglass and can be painted to customers preferred colors scheme


We have a full line of Life-size dinosaur statues and sculptures

Velociraptor mongoliensis skeleton

Velociraptor mongoliensis skeleton cast replica
Velociraptor mongoliensis

Late Cretaceous. Discovered at the Djadochta Formation of Mongolia

Velociraptor mongoliensis

Measurements: 5' 9" long. Height varies by pose (approx 24" in standing/running pose).

Molded from a private specimen.

Velociraptor skeleton resin cast: Assembled Mount, $


Resin cast: Unassembled $

Protoceratops & Velociraptor Fight Scene

Protoceratops & Velociraptor Fight Scene Plaque.

Scientific Name: Protoceratops and Velociraptor mongoliensis

Location: Mongolia, Djochta Formation.

Late Cretaceous.

This is a recreation of a fearsome fight to the death utilizing casts made from actual dinosaur skeletons. The velociraptors claw is embedded in the ribs of the protoceratops, while the protoceratops defends itself by biting the arm of the velociraptor! An instant display. Suitable for museum or home display.

Size 37" x 79," x 4" (aprox 100 lbs before crating).

Resin cast: Shipping not included.


Velociraptor foot and leg


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Whale skeleton - new unnamed species

This is an as yet unnamed species of intermediate whale from the late Oligocene. It was discovered in South Carolina by Steve Faust.

The skull is 6' in length, the complete skeleton is 22' in length.

Assembled Resin Whale skeleton cast $48,000

Unassembed Whale skeleton kit $16,000

Resin Skull with mandibles and cervicals $7,800

More Mammal fossils


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Zuniceratops skeleton

Zuniceratops skull cast replica

Zygorhiza Eocene Whale Skull & Skeleton cast replica

Resin cast measures: 32x13x12 inches high

Shipping Size: 36 inches long, 16 wide, and 15 high. Weight will be 48 pounds in the box



Zygorhiza, skull

Zygorhiza kochii ("Koch's Yoke-Root") is an extinct species of cetacean. A Eocene Whale Skull & The Mississippi State Fossil

Zygorhiza was a smaller, less elongated, 6 m (20 foot) long relative of the famous Basilosaurus. Zygorhiza had flippers which could, unlike in modern cetaceans, be moved at the elbow. Its hind limbs were rudimentary. Zygorhiza's one-metre (3-foot) skull had fearsome jaws with deadly teeth. Unlike modern cetaceans, Zygorhiza had a neck consisting of seven vertebrae.

Complete skeleton also available.

Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Mammalia, Order: Cetacea, Suborder: Archaeoceti, Family: Basilosauridae, Genus: Zygorhiza True, 1908 Species: Zygorhiza kochii

More Mammal fossils

Taylor Made Fossils

Skeleton Kits - Please note that some kits require shop facilities to assemble, including welding and metal fabrication capabilities as well as miscellaneous smaller tools that are not included. Each kit comes with a list of required tools and materials as well as general assembly instructions. General knowledge of anatomy and associated terms is helpful. Please contact us for more information

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