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Taylor Made Fossils
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Dinictis squalidens Sabertooth cat fossil skull for sale

8" Large Dinictis Saber-cat real fossil skull

Species: Dinictis squalidens Dinictis squalidens

Species description: This animal is one of rarest carnivores found in America and was the first saber-tooth cat of all time. It had a sleek body, short legs, powerful jaws and a long tail. It walked flatfooted and lived on plains of Oligocene in Canada, Colorado, Montana, S.Dakota, Nebraska, N. Dakota, and Wyoming. It had large saber-teeth and fierce bite on many herbivores like deer, camel of its day.

Geographical Period: Eocene-Oligocene

Geographical location: Pennington County, S. Dakota

Original 8" Dinictis Saber-tooth Cat Skull approximately 75% original. It is a beautiful example of the first saber-tooth cat and skull is unique because it has a darker color than usual but the bone exhibits well. Bone is about 80% original with restoration on zygos parts of back skull and small back part of lowers. The teeth have 2 original sabers (one restored at tip partially and both at root area) and all original molar and premolar teeth on top and bottom. Small incisors are restored. This is only for top collectors who want and nice animal the for their collection. This is the most requested vertebrate fossil for serious collectors. The skull is 8" inches long-very long for this animal and sabers are close to 1 5/8 inches. Another in a long line of rare animals for you.

Price: $7,450 (SOLD - please email us for current fossils for sale)

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Real Triceratops brow horn

Very Nice Beautiful Tip 19" Triceratops Brow Horn Species: Triceratops horridus

Period: Cretaceous
Geologic strata: Hell Creek formation

Item Location: NW, S Dakota

Very Nice Quality Triceratops 19" Brow Horn. IT is also about 17" diameter at base. What a nice horn with all outer bone except a sliver on one side which I decided not to fill to preserve its natural look. This horn has it all with a perfect sharp tip, nice connection area break off, an underground find with beautiful brown color. It has very nice bone lines and was professionally prepped by myself. IT is 95% bone and a few small areas restored in mid section and crack fills. IT is probably a large juvenile probably losing its life to a T-REX since it definitely did not make it to maturity. The connection area is very nice for a long way down the horn. IT is one of best tips I have ever had. The pictures will show a nice horn for price. I sell these so fast - 8th one this year, and this is far better than last horn I sold for about the same. It is a chance for someone who doesn't have a lot of money to get a quality horn.

Price: US $1,995 (SOLD)

Please call (314) 503-9750 or email us for more photos or information.

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Machairodus giganteus fossil replica saber tooth canine

Machairodus giganteus replica fossil saber tooth canine

This Mach tooth is the largest we've seen: 9". Asian Smilodon (Machairodus Largest Saber Cat Ever) Saber Species: Machairodus Giganteus - Largest True Saber-tooth Cat Ever

Geographical Area: Miocene - Pliocene

The original fossil was found in Hezheng County, Gansu Providence, China

Unbelieveably Monster Huge 9" Asian Smilodon Machairodus Saber with Root 98% original with Nice Tip and Nice Enamel. This is the largest Mach Saber Iíve ever seen out of the skull. 5" of it is Outer Tooth so this one is Huge and it is 1 3/4" wide.

Serrations and color are quite good, and I doubt I will ever find a bigger one. Remember the largest Smilodon tooth ever found with root was 12 inches.

Price: US $__ please inquire

Please email us or call (314) 725-5265 for more details.

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Adelphailurus kansensis saber-tooth cat
This the rarest of all saber-cats found in USA that lived from early Miocene that were the size of a modern cougar or puma. Its body also had same shape as a puma except for its long and compressed upper canine they were a hunting cat ambushing small birds and mammals. This cat was a false - saber-tooth cat and had retained a upper second pre-molar, which is unusual for a cat. It was the second largest of late Miocene cats and was an Eurasian immigrant. It was a metailurus animal, which besides this species and one other was only found in Asia and a few in Europe. It is not one of top 6 saber-cats found and has only been found in partials with top of skull never been found according to all known documents. It was identified by Hilbert in 1934. Most bones and skull pieces have been found in Arizona including this one. One was found in Bone Valley Florida also.

Geological formation: Milk Creek Formation

Miocene Early Hempghillan Tribe-Metailurini Genus: Metailurus

Rare Adelphailurus kansensis Saber-Tooth Cat

Species: Adelphailurus kansensis saber-tooth cat

Item location: Congress Junction, Arizona

11" long x 7" agape Adelphailurus kansensis saber-tooth cat. You will likely never see this for sale anywhere since it is the rarest of all saber-tooth cats with only a few partial skulls found. This is a real beauty and professionally prepped. This cat is so amazing words canít describe it. Complete skulls or even 50% skulls do not exist for this species. It is an accurate representation of the species. This is a chance to own the rarest saber cat.

Price: $9,750

Allosaurus fragilis 2" tooth


Dinocrocuta juvenile Skull (Dinocrocuta giganteus) Actual fossil
Dinocrocuta fossil skull

Dinocrocuta giganteus.

Juvenile Largest Hyaena Ever. Dinocrocuta Upper Skull

Geological strata: Hipparion Formation

Geological period: Late Miocene

Item location: Ganshu Providence, China

This is a very nice complete Upper skull of a Juvenile measuring 5" long. Few juvenile skulls have been found so this is rare indeed.

There does appear to be some mild compression.

Price: $795 (SOLD)

Cave Bear Fossil skeleton

Here is a newly available authentic Cave Bear skeleton.

This skeleton is currently in the United States and available for immediate shipping.

This skeleton measures 7ft 3 inches tall.

This real cave bear skeleton will be a welcome addition to your collection.

(Sold - but we have others!) plus crating and shipping.

Dromaeosaurus claw and Allosaurus tooth
Real Dinosaur claws.

Just added. These are not casts/replicas.

On the left: Dromaeosaurus claw in matrix $595 Sold

On the right: Allosaurus Tooth in matrix measures 2"
Species: Allosaurus fragilis
Geographic strata: Morrison Formation
Geographic Period: Late Jurassic - Early Cretaceous
From Shell, Wyoming Big Horn Basin
Extremely Rare Allosaurus 2" Tooth in Matrix $595 (SOLD).

Diplodocus pubis
Here is a great Diplodocus Pubis with Bite Marks.

Authentic Diplodocus pubis fossil $1,900 (sold)


Hadrosaur vertebra fossil

Measures Approx: 4" long X 3 1/2 wide X at it's highest point 7"

Hadrosaurs were the most common, varied, and well-adapted ornithopod (bird-hipped) dinosaurs. Hadrosaur "big lizard"

Hadrosaurs were herbivores (plant-eaters) and only had teeth in the cheek area, not the front of the mouth. The many rows of teeth were perfect for effectively grinding up rough vegetation for easy digestion.

This unique group of dinosaurs grew in sizes over 40 feet and probably weighed over 5 tons! In-depth studies of a variety of duckbill remains indicate that these were strictly land-based dinosaurs that walked predominantly on all fours but had the ability to stand on their hind legs.
$195 (Sold)

Hoplophoneus sabertooth cat

Hoplophoneus sp.

Oligocene Epoch, Hoplophoneus was a medium-sized saber-toothed cat from the Badlands of Nebraska.

This saber cat possessed a robust body with sharp saber teeth, or canine teeth, that it used to kill its prey. Its family, the Nimravids, would give rise to true cats, hyaenas, civets, and mongooses.

For current price and photos please contact us.

Sabertooth cat Hoplophoneus

Lambeosaurus fossil jaw / Lambeosaurus Hadrosaur

Very Rare Judith River Lambeosaurus Jaw fossil.

Species: Lambeosaurus Hadrosaur

Large 50 ft Herbivore that was a favorite target of Albertosaurus with a hollow hatchet shaped crest jutting forward from a skull roof.

Geologic strata: Judith River Creek Formation

Fossil discovered: NC Montana Fergus County

Really Nice Rare 12 plus inch Lambeosaurus Hadrosaur Jaw w/o Teeth. This is an amazing piece with perfect color, structure, and bone quality. It is a rarity because this species is only found in one small area in Montana in the USA. Only crack fills and small hole restoration in 2 areas have occurred. It is a spectacular piece.

Price: $499 (sold)


Largest Theropod from Madagascar Majungasaurus Tooth

Majungatholus atopus or Majungasaurus. The name means Flesh Bull (Dinosaur tooth)

This tooth is sold, but we have others available. Please email us for pictures and prices.

Mesohippus: Large 8" Fossil Mesohippus Horse skull with neck vertebrae

Large 8" Mesohippus Prehistoric Horse w/ neck vertebrae

Species description: About the size of a greyhound with a body 4 ft long, 2 ft high at shoulder.

Geological strata: Brule formation Geological period: Oligocene

Item location: Chaldron, Nebraska This offering is one-of-a kind. It may be the most complete skull of a Mesohippus that you will ever find. It is 8" long and has some neck vertebrae attached. Except for a couple small areas it has all bone and was prepped my friend and the finder. This was found in the 1950's and hasn't been bought or sold to anyone until now. The color is perfect, the bone exceptional and the form ideal. This is a fantastic representation of the species. comes with beautiful case for display or transportation. On sale now for $2,099 (sold).


$7,500 (SOLD)

This one sold, but if you are looking for a real fossil Mosasaur (or similar) skull or skeleton let me know. A collector friend of ours has 8 skeletons for sale.

Protoceratops skeleton #2

Click for larger image

Protoceratops skeleton #2

Skeleton measures 100cm (3.28 feet)in length

Discovered in Mongolia.

Skeletons like this from China are no longer available for sale.

Raptor Hand Claw (Dromaeosaurus?)

This is a Beauty of a Raptor Hand Claw - a true Judith River Gem!

Species: Unknown raptor (Believed to be dromaeosaurus)


Saber Tooth Cat skeleton
Complete Saber Tooth Cat Fossil skeleton

This is an actual fossil (not a cast replica) of a complete Saber tooth cat skeleton

Pogonodon playcopis (Pagodadon), older than the large saber cats, this one is about 6 foot long.

This is probably the rarest of all the fossil cats.

Pogonodon playcopis from South Dakota Miocene This is an exceptional specimen with a 9 1/2" (24.1cm) long skull containing its 3" (7.6cm) sabers and a full array of the other teeth. Part of the rear leg has been professionally reconstructed. Some of the vertebral spines were also reconstructed. The length of the skeleton from tip of the nose to the end of the extended tail is 66 inches (167.6cm) and the height from the base of the foot to the top of the cervical vertebrae spines is 23 inches (58.4cm).

Fossil Pogonodon skull and skeleton.

Pogonodon (meaning "beard tooth") was a genus of saber-toothed cats belonging to the Nimravidae, an extinct carnivoran family that strongly resembled the modern Felidae in overall appearance. Pogonodon is known from the Late Oligocene of North America.

The skeleton is 90% complete, and will need setup (it's fragile). The skeleton is currently on display in a Texas Museum.

$50,000 Sold

We have Many other saber tooth cat skulls not listed here. Please email us for prices and pictures.

Triceratops fossil: Giant Triceratops toe (metatarsal)
Gigantic Triceratops Metatarsal Fossil. Measures 15" Long Found by Top Dino Hunter - and the man who found Stan the T.rex

Species: Triceratops horridus

Species description: Large 11 ton herbivore with frill around 6.5 ft head and 1 nose horn with 2 Brow Horns off frill.

Discovered in Hell Creek formation

Item Location: Buffalo, South Dakota

Large 15" x 6" wide Triceratops Metatarsal - This was found by the dinosaur hunter who found the T-rex Stan. Imagine an animal this big that can have such a large bone just on the foot alone. This piece is extra super in color, shape, length and bone texture and quality. Not too many people have seen this large of a foot bone from any dinosaur. It has about 10% restoration on the largest end. This fossil is almost all bone.

Price: US $495 (Shipping: $79)


Large Very Rare Dicranurus Monstrosus Trilobite

Large Very Rare Dicranurus Monstrosus Trilobite

Species: Trilobite Dicranurus monstrosus

Species description: Large trilobite that has multiple long appendages protruding from the main body plus long sensory antenna off the head extending on top of back of invertebrate.

Geologic strata: Ibel Issourmour Formation Geologic timeframe: Lower Devonian Period Item Location: b Tabourigt, Morocco

Amazing Large Rare Dicranurus Trilobite in top condition with excellent prep work done and entire body present and clear. You will not find a better trilobite. It is 3" long and also the top side appendages measure 3" A excellent invertebrate very, very old.

Price: $339 (sold - but a cast replica is available)

Trilobite Quadrops (Philonx sp)

Ultra Rare Beautiful 3" Quadrops Trilobite Species: Trilobite Quadrops (Philonx sp) - Rare
Species description: Large trilobite that has multiple long appendages protruding from the main body plus long sensory eyes and a appendage off the back of the head.
Geologic strata: Ibel Issourmour Formation
Geologic timeframe: Devonian Period
Item Location: Alnif, Morocco
Amazing Ultra Rare Quadrops Trilobite in top condition with an excellent prep job to release the entire body from the matrix and so clear it comes alive. You will not find a rarer trilobite in excellent condition. It is 3" long and also the top side appendages measure 3". A excellent invertebrate very, very old.
SOLD We do have a replica of this trilobite available.

T.rex 2+" Perfect Juvenile T-rex Foot Claw

Museum quality 2+" Perfect Juvenile T.rex Foot Claw

Species: Tyrannosaurus rex

Period: Late Cretaceous

Geographic strata: Hell Creek Formation

Geologic location: Glendive, MT

Beautiful 2+ inch T-Rex Foot Claw The grooves and detail in this claw are deep and awesome. (SOLD)

Because this specimen was in such nice condition,it has been molded for permanent record at Hill City Museum. Please contact us if you interested in a cast replica of it.

Velociraptor Egg Clutch

Geologic strata: Yixion Providence

Geologic Period: Late Cretaceous

Discovered in Lianoning Providence, China.

"I have received the cast in perfect condition. Itīs a fantastic piece and I think very rare to find. Thanks a lot for your very good service."

Cast replica of this clutch is available.

This was identified by a Paleontologist as a Velociraptor Egg Clutch.

Molded from a personal collection for 15 years and is not for sale.

Identified as velociraptor eggs by a Paleontologist. The size of 7" (for the egg) allows for the possibility that it could belong to an oviraptor, but there are differences (especially in the width) between the two.

This partial nest was prepared by a good friend of mine here in the United States. The two main eggs have hatched with some shell present around the sides and bottom. The shell from the top is likely pressed down into the egg (below the top matrix).

Alectrosaurus olseni leg

Alectrosaurus is a genus of tyrannosauroid theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period of Inner Mongolia. It was a bipedal carnivore with a body shape similar to its much larger relative, Tyrannosaurus rex. Alectrosaurus was smaller though, most likely less than five meters (17 ft) long.

The generic name Alectrosaurus can also be translated as "alone lizard," and is derived from the Greek words alektros ("unmarried") and sauros ("lizard").


Alectrosaurus olseni leg bone.

$1,995 cast

Edmontosaurus annectens (BE)

Edmontosaurus annectens (BE)

Locality: Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota

Description: Size: Very large. 4 meters high at the hips. The composite skull is 1.3 meters long. Femur is 1.3 meters long. Skeleton will be over 11 meters long.

Comments: 75% or higher completeness. The mount would be augmented with cast Edmontosaur bones to complete.

Availability: Preparation is nearly finished. Delivery of mounted skeleton 12 months from date of order.

For complete details on any skeleton, a full set of photographs, status report, restrictions if any and price, please call us at (314) 725-5265

Here are a few shots from the lab. Bone quality is excellent.

Gallimimus foot
Gallimimus foot

Gallimimus skull and leg
An amazing find. A rare fossil Gallimimus skull and leg from the same individual.

Not for sale for reference only.

Here are more pictures of the skull

Click to see larger image

Tarbosaurus battaar partial skull
Tarbosaurus battaar skull

This rare fossil measures 49cm x 32cm

Mosasaur fossil skull
Mosasaur skull

$ please inquire

New Fossils:
Available Mosasaur skulls and skeletons for sale (pictures available on request):

1). Beautiful Platecarpus skull in 3D. Excellent condition & complete. $39,000.

2). Crushed Tylosaurus nepaeolicus skull. Intact and all there, but crushed together. Viewable from both sides. $28,500.

3). The finest Platecarpus skeleton ever collected. Will be about 20-21 feet long. Will be posed to suit the customer. Has the eardrum preserved intact and in place. Lots of scavenging marks. Will have a superb 3D skull. This has now been completely prepared and is ready to mount. I will send pictures of all on request. Missing only the distal tail. $95,000 loose bones prepared out of the matrix or $155,000 mounted fully 3D in your pose, and mounted so that it can be suspended or supported.

4). A Platecarpus torso with nice skull mounted in 3D as a full skeleton (cast from the belly to the tip of the tail).

5). Excellent Tylosaurus skull and partial body. A large bite out of the proximal dorsal area taken by a big shark, almost certainly Cretoxyrhina mantelli. Probably a 22 foot mosasaur in life. Currently in 3 separate field jackets and can be bought in a variety of ways: $65,000 as-is. $85,000 finished as a wall mount. $140,000 as a wall mount full skeleton with cast parts filling in the missing areas. $145,000 as a complete 3D skeleton with cast parts filling in the missing areas.

6). Giant Tylosaurus proriger. 41 feet long. 5 foot 8 inch skull. Superb condition. Missing most of the tail. $395,000 as-is (prepared-loose). $580,000 fully 3D complete skeleton mount.

Pictures available on request.

More real dinosaur fossils for sale HERE

Taylor Made Fossils
Ordering information / Return policy / Production time

We provide excellent Dinosaur fossils and Dinosaur cast replicas to museums, universities and collectors.

We ship anywhere in the world and accept checks, money orders, credit cards, paypal and purchase orders. Payment plans and escrow are also available on some items. All items on this page are actual fossils.

Do you have something you'd like to sell? We will list it here for you. It costs you nothing!

For ordering information please contact:

Taylor Made Fossils
1550 Irving Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63133 USA
(314) 503-9750
We are open 24 hours. Call anytime day or night


If you have questions or would like to be added to our mailing list, please Email us.

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