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The Coming of Wadeau

By :Joey Nadeau

On Turtle Island, where Goku and the others are training. Another fighter sets off for Turtle Island. While, back on Turtle Island "Good move Yamcha" said Tien. "Thanks" said Yamcha, "Look, what's that", cried Gohan. It was a boy who looked as if he was twelve or thirteen.

He just hovered over the island. Then he said "I am Wadeau", Master Roshi looked as if he saw a ghost. Then Master Roshi said, "Get down here", then he came down. Goku and the others saw he had a headband and wore the same uniform as Goku even the turtle symbol on the front, but on the back it was a symbol of samurai armor and the strange thing about him was he had green sink. Not like Piccolo for he had brown hair. His hair was like Trunks, for it went over the headband.

Then Goku asked "Where did you come from", then Wadeau said, "I come from a island were a great samurai lives". Then another fighter came, an evil one. Wadeau wasted no time and let a fireball burst from his hand. The evil fighter was gone, for now. On Turtle they saw how Wadeau took down the fighter with one blow.

Master Roshi walk up to Wadeau and said "So you did improve your powers". Then Wadeau said " Yes, Master Roshi I did". Then Master Roshi said "Come on in we were just about to have lunch" and Wadeau replied "It's get to be back". After lunch Master Roshi tells the story of how he meet Wadeau " I was walking in the forest one day and out of no way a kid comes and stole my magic carpet, which I just got back from the cleaners, anyway I caught up him and I got the carpet back. Then I took him in I taught him everything I know then he just left.

  Then Wadeau said "I left so I could get to the high of my powers, so I left for the Great Samurai's Island. He took me in and started to train me the day I arrived, Then this morning he told me that I would a master that was not from this world what ever that means. Then Yamcha interrupted and said "But who was the fighter in the sky?". Then Wadeau replied " I don't know, but I feel as if he has been following me all my life and he is much stronger so I never really came up to him to see if I knew him or not." Then Krillin said " But you hit him down with one fireball, how can he be stronger?"

  "Oh, that", said Wadeau "He didn't think I would respond so quickly, so I got him off guard and shot him down." Then Master Roshi said "One day you may have to fight him Wadeau, I think we should find you that new master" then he replied "How? Do you know someone?" "Maybe" said Roshi "Tell me, how strong was the samurai?" Then Wadeau said "About 3,000 or more" then Roshi replied "Well Goku here is over 5,000". "WHAT!?!?!?!" yelled Wadeau "Nobody is that strong" "A Saiya-jin is" said Goku. "So you are a Saiya-jin" said Wadeau "Yup, a full blooded Saiya-jin and I would be happy to train you." Wadeau had a smile on his face as Goku and him went outside to train, he knew that this would be his new family, and he would be part of the Dragon Ball gang. He also knew that he wouldn't have to fear whatever was following him, for if he did have to fight him he would have his new friends by his side.

     Once a full day of training was done, Wadeau and Goku went inside. Then Trunks came in and looked at Wadeau, "Who are you?" asked Trunks. Then Wadeau replied "I'm Wadeau, I'm part of your group now", "Well it's nice to meet you", then trunks turns to Goku" Goku I think I found a Dragon Ball". Then Goku said "Where is it Trunks?", trunks goes on and says "In the forest, but there is something else there too.", "What is it" said Goku" I don't know but I think we should find the Dragon Ball first".

They went off to find the Dragon Ball with Wadeau right behind them. "There, that's where it has to be" said Wadeau pointing to a cave, then something flew out of the cave and landed a few feet away from them. "Nappa" said trunks," Shouldn't you be dead". "Lucky for me I'm not the real Nappa, but a clone and anyway I'm ten times stronger then that weakling so you don't have a chance" then Goku replied "Well we'll give it our best shot". Wadeau thought to himself and was thinking could this be the person I was running from, but it can't be he's to weak, isn't he?, While Wadeau was thinking Nappa charged at us, He almost didn't get out of the way. Wadeau flew in the air and Goku fired a kamahamaha at Nappa.

Nappa then jumped out of the way, then a bunch of half spider, half human creatures came out of the forest. "I'll take Nappa you two take the spider things" said Goku. Trunks pulled out his sword and started to slice the spiders in half, Wadeau punched and kicked a group of them, after a while they were all gone. Goku started to lose the fight with Nappa then Wadeau turned invisible and kick Nappa in the chest. Goku hit Nappa with the Spirit Bomb and destroyed Nappa. Wadeau was visible again and they got the Dragon Ball and went back to Turtle Island.

The End !