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Vegeta Goes Shopping

Bulma looked up when Vegeta entered the room. She placed her novel on her laps and sat up straighter. "Vegeta." She said nervously.
"What?" Vegeta said, with a grouchy voice. He threw the towel that was around his neck on the chair.
"I was wondering if you can bring Bra shopping tomorrow." Bulma asked. She followed Vegeta's movement with her eyes, waiting for his reaction.
"Shopping?! Who you think I am?" Vegeta blew up. He stared at Bulma furiously for making such request.
"I promise Bra I'll bring her shopping tomorrow, but I have so much paper works to do, since Christmas is around the corner. I don't have the time to bring her, and I don't want to break my promise." Bulma explained.
"Tell Trunks to bring her then. I'm a fighter, not someone who goes shopping?!" Vegeta yelled. He went to the closet and got a T-shirt. "I will be caught dead if someone sees me shopping."
"I don't care what you want to do or don't do, you bringing Bra shopping tomorrow. Trunks can't bring her because he's going somewhere with Goten." Bulma screamed back, annoyed at Vegeta.
"You can't tell me what to do, Woman!!" Vegeta blurted.
Bulma's face turned crimson red. She stood up causing the novel to fall on the floor. She angrily picked up a pillow and blanket and threw it at Vegeta. "Well! I guess you sleeping somewhere else tonight!"
"Hmph!" Vegeta snorted. "Don't beg me to come back, woman." Vegeta walked out the door with the pillow and blanket in his arm. Once he stepped out, Bulma slammed the door behind him. "Woman." ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Daddy! Daddy!" A small voice cried. Vegeta woke up and saw Bra smiling down at him. He stretched his aching body. Vegeta cursed silently for the incident that occurs last night. Bulma forced him to sleep on the couch. A small growl escaped his mouth. "What?"
"Mommy said you going to bring me shopping today." Bra said happily.
"What?!?! Your mother told you that?" Vegeta jumped up instantly from the couch. "Where is your mother?!"
Bra cowardly stepped back at her father outbursts. "Mommy went to work." Bra replied softly. Bra wondered if she did anything wrong.
"Baka! Listen, I'm not bringing you shopping. Tell your brother to." Vegeta exclaimed. "I have better things to do."
Bra looked up at her father's angry face. Her head lowered. "Hai." She said softly. "But oniisan is not home."
Vegeta looked down at his four years old daughter. Clearly she was disappointed. Vegeta tried to ignore her sad look. "Well stay home and find something else to do." Vegeta began to walk off, cursing Bulma every steps he took.
"Hai." Bra said. She climbed on the couch and sat there quietly. She wanted to cry, but her father hated when people cry for a stupid reason.
Vegeta glanced back at Bra. She sat quietly with tears hanging from her eyelids. Vegeta couldn't stand it anymore. "Alright. I'll bring you shopping today, but only this one time. Don't expect me to take you there anymore." Vegeta couldn't believe what he just said. I'm going to regret this. He thought miserably.
Bra eye's lit up immediately. "Really? Daddy? You going to take me shopping." Her voice squealed from excitement.
"One more thing. You can't tell anyone I brought you shopping, especially Pan. She got a big mouth." Vegeta warned.
"Hai!" Bra bounced up and down on the couch. "Daddy bringing me shopping." She chanted repeatedly.
Vegeta growled some more and crossed his arms together. This is going to be a long day and Bulma is going to pay for this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bra stared at the decoration of the mall in amazement. Her mouth formed oww and ahhh at every turns. She held tightly onto her father's shirt, afraid of getting lost.
"Where does your mother takes you when she brings you shopping?" Vegeta asked. His arms folded as usual. His face wore the familiar frown. He walked slowly so Bra could keep up with his pace.
Bra pointed at the store with Satan's Children Outlets imprinted on the top.
"Hurry up and pick what you want and go home." Vegeta said. Suddenly Vegeta heard a very familiar voice screaming in the crowd. "Chi Chi! I'm hungry!" Vegeta's eyes widened. He turned back slowly and his mouths dropped wide open. "KakkarotoŠ" Standing behind Chi Chi was Kakkaroto buried in boxes of shopping goods. Their little granddaughter was tagging along beside them. They were heading his way. "Kuso!"
Vegeta quickly grabbed Bra's hand and hurried to Satan's Children Outlets. "Listen Bra. I want you to hurry and buy what you need." Vegeta ordered while continuously checking back at Kakkaroto and his family. "Quick!"
Bra looked at her father confusingly, then decided to do what she was told before her father gets mad again. Bra skipped to the store and stared at all the clothes. Her mother always picked out the outfits for her.
"What are you waiting for?" Vegeta frowned. He stood anxiously behind Bra. Peeping at the crowds for signs of Kakkaroto.
"Mommy always help me look for dresses. I don't know what to buy." Bra said in a small voice.
"Kuso! You don't expect me to help you look, do you?" Vegeta said in disbelief. In the corner of his eyes, he saw Kakkaroto headed towards a restaurant. Vegeta let a sigh of relief. He looked back at Bra who patiently waited for his reply.
Vegeta took a glance at the dresses and grab a couple of dresses randomly from the rack. "Here, let's go."
Bra stared at the dresses in her father's hand. She didn't like them at all. "Daddy! I don't like those dresses." Bra whined.
Vegeta growled. He doesn't have times to carefully pick out what Bra wants or don't wants. "I don't care. We are leaving."
Bra stuck out her lower lips and put on her best puppy face. Her father always gave her what she wants when she does this.
Vegeta hated when Bra gave him that look. No matter how many times he tried to ignore it, he always gave in. "Fine. Pick what you want." Vegeta thought he should be safe for now since Kakkaroto is eating. But suddenly Vegeta heard another familiar voice.
"#18? Why don't we come in here and buy Marron some dresses for Christmas?" Kuririn said.
"We spent almost all our money." #18 exclaimed.
"So? Doesn't hurt to buy a little something for Marron." Kuririn walked toward Satan Children Outlets.
This is bad. The last thing Vegeta wants was to be caught shopping by anyone. A drop of sweat glided down his forehead. "Bra?" He whispered, afraid of being heard. Bra was being helped by one of the retailer. She didn't hear him. "Bra!" Vegeta whispered again, this time a little bit louder. He saw Kuririn gradually walked his way, stopping once in a while to talk to that android wife of his. Just when things couldn't be any worse, he heard another voice.
"Uncle Kuririn! What are you doing here?" Goten called, rushing toward Kuririn. Trunks was a step behind him.
"Hi Goten. Hi Trunks." Kuririn waved. "We just doing our Christmas shopping." Kuririn replied.
"We are too." Goten said. "But we are leaving soon. Got what we need. Right Trunks?"
"Hai." Trunks answered.
Of all times, those baka picked today to do Christmas shopping?!? Vegeta thought angrily. He turned to Bra and grabbed her by the waist and hurried into the back of the store where he thought it might be safe.
"I didn't pick my dress yet!" Bra wailed in Vegeta's arm.
"Be quiet before I hit you." Vegeta threatened. Bra covered her mouth immediately. Vegeta hid behind a tall rack of clothes.
"Daddy?" Bra tucked on Vegeta's shirt.
"What now?" Vegeta said, agitated.
"I need to go potty." Bra said quietly.
"What?! Now?!" Vegeta exclaimed. "Can't you wait?"
Bra shook her head. She squirmed around, "I need go potty!"
Vegeta sighed. "Alright! Stop yelling!" Vegeta scanned around for the bathroom. The nearest bathroom was right next to where the group is standing and chatting. He growled. Great! He looked at Bra and squirming more. "Daddy!" She cried out.
Luckily, Kakkaroto and his family called out to the others and motioned them to the restaurant. Vegeta carried Bra and rushed to the bathroom when the others disappeared. He lowered Bra to the floor and ordered her to hurry up.
Meanwhile in Satan's Restaurant, Gokou and Chi Chi greeted Kuririn and the rest of the crew. Goten and Trunks lingered behind. "TrunksŠ" Goten whispered, poking Trunks in the side.
Trunks moved closer to Goten. "What?" Trunks said in the same tone.
"I think I heard your father back in that store." Goten whispered in Trunks' ear while pointing at the store.
Trunks looked back and squinted his eyes to see. "Can't be...Papa doesn't go shopping." Trunks whispered back.
Goten scratched his head, confusingly. "But I swear I heard him."
"You hearing things. Papa will never comes here." Trunks reassured Goten.
"I guess you're right." Goten took one more glance at the store and returned to his father's conversation.
Bra walked out the bathroom with a relief look. "Daddy! Let's go back shopping!" Bra said, enthusiastically.
Vegeta stood with his arm crossed, frowning. "No! We have enough shopping. We are leaving."
Bra stuck out her lower lip again. Before she could make her puppy face, Vegeta made his mean face. "That will not work on me this time."
Bra started to sniff and brought her little fist to her eyes. A second later she started to cry really loud. "No fair! You promised!"
Vegeta looked back and forth. Everyone was staring at him. "Be quiet!" He screamed at Bra.
This only made Bra cried harder. Vegeta was never in a situation like this before. He didn't know what to do.
"You heard that?" Goten said to Trunks. "That sound like your father screaming."
Trunks shrugged. "That does sound like Papa."
"Let's take a look." Goten pushed Trunks outside.
"I don't think it's a good idea. If it's really Papa, he wouldn't wants us to see him here." Trunks said. His father is going to kill him if they all found out he was here. Trunks thought.
"We just take a peek. He doesn't need to know that we know he's here." Goten said, encouraging Trunks to go.
Trunks looked uncertain. "We really shouldn't." But Goten already pushed him outside the restaurant. Goten assumption was right. Standing next to the bathroom was Vegeta and Bra. Vegeta as still screaming at Bra. "It is your father!" Goten exclaimed, holding back his laughter. "I can't imagine your father here of all place."
Gokou sneaked up behind them. "What you kids looking at?"
Trunks and Goten jumped. "Nothing." Both of them said at the same time.
Gokou looked at the direction they were looking at. "Vegeta!" He yelled out loud.
"KUSO!" Vegeta growled when Gokou yelled out his name. He has been spotted.
"What are you doing here?" Gokou said, walking fast toward Vegeta. The rest of the people followed. Trunks has a worry look on his face.
"Go away Kakkaroto!" Vegeta demanded.
"What's wrong?" Gokou asked innocently. Everyone behind Gokou started to greet Vegeta but then stopped when they saw Vegeta's furious face.
Gokou looked down at Bra and patted her head. Bra stopped wailing.
"You brought Bra shopping?" Gokou asked.
Vegeta replied with a growl. He scanned at all the faces. Everyone seemed to be looking at him weirdly.
"Is something wrong?" Gokou asked again. Kuririn nudged him on the side. "Gokou." Kuririn whispered in his ear. "I think we should leave him alone."
Gokou looked confused, but then he nodded.
Vegeta watched them whispering at the corner of his eyes.
"OiŠI leave you alone. Go back to your shopping." Gokou leaned closer to Vegeta. "I hate shopping." Gokou whispered, smiling.
Vegeta growled louder. Baka! He cursed.
"Let's go everyone." Gokou said, waving goodbye to Vegeta.
Trunks looked nervously at his father. He decided not to talk to him now. He knew his father is fuming inside. So he left with Goten.
Vegeta stood in the same position. He glanced back at them and saw them talking and laughing. They dare to laugh at me?! They are going to pay for this. Humiliating me like that! Vegeta felt someone pulled his shirt. Bra looked up at him. "Daddy?"
Vegeta glared at Bra. She was the cause of all his humiliation. He should just kicked her aside and leave her here. But then he will have to hear it from Bulma. He hastily picked up Bra and left.
"Daddy?" Bra repeated.
"What!" Vegeta scrowled.
"Are we going to buy dresses?" Bra asked.
"NO!" Vegeta blurted out.
"Why?" Bra asked. She rubbed her hands against her eyes.
"Be quiet!" Vegeta scrowled again.
"What?!" Vegeta said, annoyed with all her questions.
"I'm tired." Bra yawned.
"Good! Go to sleep!" Vegeta stated.
Bra fell fast asleep in Vegeta's arm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bulma jumped when she heard the door slammed open. When she saw Vegeta's angry face, she couldn't help but started to laugh. "Vegeta." Bulma walked up to Vegeta and took Bra from him.
"You got some nerve!" Vegeta accused, he tilted his head up and growled.
"Oh..VegetaŠit wasn't so bad was it?" Bulma said, still laughing.
"The next time you do this to me, I swear I'll kill you." Vegeta threatened.
Bra stirred in Bulma's arm. Bulma quiet her down by patting her back. "Hush! Vegeta. Bra's sleeping."
"Hmph." Vegeta looked away.
Bulma smiled mischievously, "Chi Chi told me about today. She said it was sweet of you to bring Bra shopping on your own. And she said Gokou would never bring Gohan or Goten shopping by himself. I think it's sweet of you, too."
"SWEET?!?! THAT'S THE LAST THING I WANT TO BE. YOU KNOW HOW I FELT WHEN KARRAROTO AND HE'S STUPID FRIENDS SAW ME??!?!" Vegeta screamed aloud, causing the whole house to tremble. "WELLŠI SHOW YOU HOW SWEET I CAN BE!" Vegeta straightened out his arm in front of him. He slowly gathered his ki to his palm and aimed it at the window.
"What are you doing, Baka!?" Bulma cried out.
"Something sweet." Vegeta replied with a smirk. Vegeta releashed his ki-blast toward the window, causing the glasses to shattered. Vegeta laughed with satisfaction and left the house.
Bulms stared shockfully after Vegeta. When she saw Vegeta begins to walk out the door, she screamed angrily. "Don't come back!"
Bra woke up and saw the window all shattered. "What happened?" She asked sleepily.
Bulma quickly said, "Nothing. Just go back to sleep."
Bra closed her eyes and once again she fell back to sleep.
Bulma cursed Vegeta silently in her head. How dare him wrecked my house! But after looking at Bra's smiley face in her sleep, she smiled herself. She understood how Vegeta must be feeling now. If it was a couple years ago, he wouldn't even bring anyone shopping or do anything fatherly. Vegeta is a changed man, even though he wanted so much to deny it. With the thought lingered in Bulma's head, she carried Bra into her room.