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Underground Adventure: Part 2

		Underground Adventure: Part 2
		By: Justin Mazzeo

Bulma: Trunks! Trunks!

::he does not hear because music is too loud::

Bulma: TRUNKS!!!

::he still does not listen::

::Bulma launches the stereo through the window::

Trunks: What'd you do THAT for?!

Bulma: There's an emergency...

::Bulma then proceeds to tell Trunks the whole story::

Trunks: I've gotta go!

::he flies through the window::

Narrator: Trunks knows that he and Gokou cannot take this thing on by
themselves.  On his way, Trunks stops at Gokou's house.

Trunks: Goten! Goten!

::Goten lifts his head with food all over his face::

Goten: Huh?

Trunks: Gokou's in trouble! No time for questions, come on!

::the two speed off into the distance::

:: Meanwhile, Gohan(as the great Saiyaman) is patrolling the city streets.
He sees Gokou flash by and follows::

Narrator: By the time Trunks and Goten arrive Gohan has already been briefed
by Gokou on the situation.  Gohan is going to go with him.  All four travel
into the cave.

::Klilyn then arrives at Gokou's house and sees a note scrawled on a scrap
of paper.  It reads, "GONE TO INVESTIGATE POWER SURGE-GOTEN." Klilyn then
speeds off too::

::as the group then makes its way to the power reading they see the remains
of the archaeologist impaled on stalagmites. Then they see the shrine::

Gokou: I know that sphere...

Trunks: But it's empty...

Gohan: Then what was inside is now-

?????: OUTSIDE!!

::the group all quickly turn around to see a Saiyajinn who resembles Broly
but younger standing in a corner::

?????: Let me introduce myself.  I'm Fayk, the brother of Broly.


Fayk: You know him- oh yes, you KILLED him!

::he goes Super Saiyajinn quickly and starts a snarl::

Gokou: Guys, be REA-

::he is interrupted by a swift punch to the jaw by Fayk::

Goten: DAD!

::Gohan throws a flurry of punches at Fayk, Fayk ducks underneath, puts his
hand on the ground and thrusts a kick into Gohan's stomach, propelling him
across the cavern, flying through stalagmites in a continuous rhythm::
::Goten then tries to knee Fayk in the groin but Fayk grabs his knee and
throws him down into the ground::

::Trunks charges Fayk, but he parries and Trunks stumbles.  Fayk then forms
a fireball on his fist and launches it and Trunks into the ceiling::

Narrator: the fighting continues, Fayk not going Super Saiyajinn.  The team
overall gets demolished until...

::Fayk, holds Gokou in his hand and using him as a punching bag while Trunks
and Goten fusion into Gotenks::

::Gokou is tossed aside and Gotenks gets beat up.  Gokou and Gohan then 
fusion to make Gokouhan::  

Gokouhan: C'mon Gotenks! He can't beat both of us.

Gotenks: But he's so strong.  I never imagined one would be stronger then

Gokouhan: Yes, but he is and that's the problem.  Let's go!!

::they both fly at Fayk with a fist forward::

::the fists hit and Fayk is stunned.  He yells and goes Super Saiyajinn
level one::

::the two both launch multiple fireballs but all are absorbed in an energy
shield and launched back at them at double strength::

Gokouhan: He'


::Fayk then launches two fireballs at the two, sending them through a rocky
wall and into a cavern.  He shoots another fireball at the ceiling there,
dropping rocks down::

::luckily, they dodged the rock and the opening was closed.  They were left
alone in a dark cavern::

Gokouhan: We must fusion once again, Gotenks.


Gokouhan: We must try. It's our only chance.


Gokouhan: We'll die anyway if he finds us.

Gotenks: But--Oh well.  It's worth a try.

::suddenly they hear the sound of crushing rocks as Fayk comes near.  He is
three feet away::

Gokouhan: We have no time!

Gotenks: It's over.

::they watch in horror as the muscular hand of Fayk bursts through the rock