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Underground Adventure Part 1
		Underground Adventure: Part 1
		by: Justin Mazzeo

Narrator: Archaeologists are stumbling about the newly found ruins on the
coast of Satan City .  All of a sudden one of the men make a discovery!

Arch. #1: Everyone, Iıve stumbled across something!

Everyone: Whoa, what is it?  Very strange and alien like!

::the object appears to be a shrine of marble::

Narrator: After a few moments of staring and discussing about the shrine, the
archaeologists are interrupted by a deep rumble.

::the doors to the shrine slowly begin to open::

Narrator: Within, the archaeologists see a sphere like ship.  One has not
been seen of this kind since the return of Son Gokou from his space travels.

Arch. #1: Letıs inspect it guys!  Get moving!

Arch. #2: But sir, the power levels are reading  around 500,000!!!!

Arch. #1: Wha- -

::just as the archaeologist turns his head, his hand presses against a panel.
As the panel sinks, the sphere begins to open.  Light emanates from the crack
in the sphere.  Suddenly, a large burst flies out, annihilating all the
archaeologists in the cave::

::the scene changes to a Capsule Corp. lab where the charts are reading huge

::Gokou steps in to the Capsule Corp. holding a bucket of chicken, only to
see the workers in a panic::

::he keeps on munching on the chicken until Bulma runs up to him::

Bulma: Gokou! Gokou!

Gokou: Hmmf? 

::his voice muffled by the food::

Gokou: Whatıs going on?

Bulma:  We just got a power reading thatıs off the charts near Satan city!

::Gokou keeps on eating::

Bulma:  GOKOU!! Donıt you realize that a power reading of this level can
mean only one thing...

::no words are spoken for they both know what it is... ANOTHER SAIYAJINN!!!::

::Gokou drops the bucket of chicken and flies off::

Bulma:: Wait! You canıt go alone!!

:: Bulma rushes to Trunksı room where loud music is blaring::

Bulma: TRUNKS! Get up! Weıve got an emergency!!