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They Came in Peace

		They Came in Peace
		By: Justin Mazzeo

	The war had been going on for centuries.  The Argonions and the
Boronions were never on good terms.  The Argonions were very much like
Saiyajinns in terms of power levels and physique.  They believed in
universal domination and they had their own manifest destiny.  They believed
they were born to conquer.
	The Boronions were very similar to the Argonions.  They were almost
exactly the same.  But there was one difference.  The Boronions were small
and pudgy unlike the muscular Argonions.  But where the Boronions lacked in
strength, they made up in strategy. They too believed they were born to
	Now, these races never met, but in the night sky they saw each
other's planet and said to themselves, "That planet will be the first of
many."  So the two planets prepared giant armies and new technologies to
strike the other.  Just when the Argonions were about to launch a massive
attack, a comet, out of nowhere hurtled toward Argon.  The comet was half
as large as the planet itself.  
	As the comet struck the planet, about half was burned off in the
atmosphere.  The  rest sent the planet out of orbit.  It is ironic though,
that Argon hit directly onto Boron.  The two planets were now one.  
	After all had regrouped from the comet, the two races started
calling the comet the "Argonion Comet", and the "Boronion Comet."  That's
when the war started.  
	The tall man was well known in these parts.  His purple straight
hair went down to his shoulders.  He wore a jacket with the words
"Ca s  e C rp".  There was more to it but the letters had been worn off in
battle.  The man was well built and stood with pride, for he was Trunks, the
undefeated ruler of this planet.  
	This planet, Earth, had once been peaceful.  But power hungry
Saiyajinns had slaughtered the inhabitants.  Trunks and his comrades had
done all they could to stop the attack.  All his friends are dead now.
Gokou, Gohan, his best friend-Goten, his wife, Piccolo, his father, Vegeta,
all dead.  All he has left with him is his only son, who he named in honor
of his father, Vegeta.  Trunksą son was now 12 and his power had developed
remarkably.  He had been trained by the best after all.  Gokou and Vegeta
worked together to make Chibi Vegeta strong to live in the harsh world.
Chibi Vegeta had found out just how harsh this world was, when all his
mentors and most of his family died.
	Back on Argon/Boron, the war became larger than ever.  Even through
all the hate, some peace lived on.  A group of Argonions and Boronions had
decided to leave the planet in search of a more inhabitable one.  They
boarded the ship and left.  Only a few hours later they saw a planet.  All
the scanners said it was inhabitable and there was a minimum amount of
life.  "Perfect", they thought.
	Trunks and Chibi Vegeta were eating from the remains of a grocery
store when Chibi Vegeta pointed to the sky.  "Look father, a plane! Maybe
they have come to save us!"
	Trunks stood up, stared at the ship for a minute, and then suddenly
he remembered the memories he did not want to.  He thought of how the power
hungry Saiyajinns came in a ship as well.  He thought of how Gokou came to
greet them, and how he was annihilated in cold blood.  He thought of the
sadness he had felt when his friends died, and then he thought of something
else, his son.
	His power flared, knocking Chibi Vegeta off his stool.  "Father?" he
said.  "What is it?" "STAY PUT!" Trunks replied and flew off.  But contrary
to his father's wishes, Vegeta came along anyway.  In the distance he saw
the ship landing.  The group of Argonions and Boronions stepped out of the
ship.  They saw Trunks approaching.  "What is that?" one of them said.
Trunks' rage had completely overwhelmed him.  He sped faster and he
screamed, "YOU'LL..." One dead on impact. "NEVER..."With a spin kick another
split in half. "GET..."A swift punch through the stomach did in another.
Chibi Vegeta saw what was going on.  He shouted, "FATHER, NO!" 
	"...MY..."Trunks screamed as he thrusted his leg through another's
chest.  Chibi Vegeta shouted again "FATHER!!",  but he knew it was too late.
"SSSOOONNNN!!!".  With a flash of blue energy the rest were disintegrated.
	Trunks stood over the dead, out of breath, yet victorious.  Chibi
Vegeta stepped slowly over to his father.  "They came in peace father, they
came in peace..."