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By: Justin Mazzeo

The wet soil squished underneath the party's feet. The rain poured down on their heads. Lightning crackled in the distance. A tall, proud male lead the way, followed by a younger male with a missing hand. A female was next, she was muscular and slim. A short goblin trailed behind, struggling in the harsh environment.

The goblin, named Othlo, spoke up. "Why did we have to pick TODAY to travel. All the rain and mud, my clothes are soaked and muddy. Did you know these shoes cost me fifty rubes? That's a lot of money to be walking around knee deep in mu--"

He is interrupted by the sound of unsheathing swords. Both males drew their swords. They looked around nervously.

Othlo spoke again. "What is it? I don't see anything. Nor do I hear anything. The rain and thunder makes too much noise. Hey, you need my help. What if I get struck by lighting? Huh? What then?"

"We'd be happy..." the female, named Ceina muttered.

"Be quiet, both of you!" the taller man, called Bateh said.

Suddenly two creatures jumped from a nearby tree. Their beady yellow eyes flared. They let out a horrid screech as they descended upon the group.

"Damn it! Naps!"

Mulyn, the one-armed male leaped in the air. He raised his sword above his head and struck blindly. His sword hit hard into the creature, splitting its forhead in two.

The other creature spoke, "NEE-YUP, NEE-YUP!"

A second later hundreds of naps emerged from the trees. They lept to the ground forming a circle around the travelers.

Othlo pulled a gadget from his satchel. "This is where I come in handy, boys. Ladies and gentlemen, announcing...the one, the only...Ion blaster 200!!"

He pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. The blaster let out a "putter-putter." The handle fell off. The chamber set on fire.

"Uh..ahh...hmmm..." Sweat drops dripped down his forehead. "It's this rain! It must've soaked the circuitboard! Yeah..that's it! The rain!"

The naps lumbered forward. Bateh leaped into a mass of them. They piled on top of him.

"Bateh! What are you doing?" Mulyn shouted.

The naps were disintegrated as the energy coursed through them. The only sound that could be heard was a giant "HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Bateh surged with energy. Half his shirt had been torn off by the creatures. He disappeared and reappeared behind a bulky nap. He punched straight through it. With a snap of his leg another was sent sprawling.

Mulyn and Ceina stood there staring. Othlo interjected. "Well aren't you gonna help them, huh huh? Oh, not so tough now miss pretty poo! Leave it too the goblin to fight now that there's some real action. I'll show you..."

"I hope his fighting is better than his inventions," Mulyn whispered to Ceina.

Othlo charged into combat with his version of a war whoop, which war more of a squeel than anything else. A baby nap jumped onto his back. Othlo screamed in panic. He ran in circles yelping.

"Help! Help! Help! Get this thing offa me!"

Ceina walked over and picked it off back. The little creature stared at her with googly eyes.

"You were afraid of THIS? Real tough mister goblin!"

Othlo blushed. "Shut up! It seemed bigger when it jumped on me! How could I tell?"

A creature jumped at Ceina. She did a roundhouse kick knocking it into a tree. She ran into the fight, where Bateh was killing naps left and right. She elbowed one in the jaw, and finished it with a snap kick to the forehead.

Mulyn jogged in with his sword swinging. He leaped in the air, slicing a nap in half. As he landed he impaled another. With a backward thrust of his leg another creature was sent flying.

A medium sized nap landed next to Othlo. Othlo said, "I must warn you, I am a master of Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Doe." Othlo did a ferocious series of punches and kicks to the air beside him. "So, you still wanna fight, huh? You asked for it..."

The creature slapped Othlo backward. He landed in the mud with a thump.

Suddenly, a screach echoed through the forest. "NEE-UUU-PA! NEE-UUU-PA!" A tall nap, fully robed, raised his hand. All the creatures stopped moving.

"You fight well, travelers. Why are you in MY forest?" he said.

Bateh spoke. "We are traveling, to find seven magical orbs, known as Draco--"

Just then Bateh noticed the ruler's wand. On top was the five star Draconball.

"We want your wand." Bateh said.

The ruler laughed. "Hahahaha! What makes you think I will give it to YOU?"

"I, Bateh, warrior of the new code and bearer of the saiyajinn pride, challenge you to an honor battle. By the laws of this planet, you must except, or lose your honor. The prize if I win is your wand, if I lose, you get to do what you choose with me."

"Prepare to be defeated." The ruler said. With a poof of smoke he disappeared, reappearing larger, bulkier, and surging with energy. He was about twenty feet tall when he stood up. His energy formed a crater around him.

He spoke. "Behold! My true form!"

Bateh looked in astonishment. He thought to himself, "I must not let my fears take the best of me, paralyze me. Not like before..."

Flashback to an old Chinese Dojo. Young Bateh and a few other students are leaving after a hard day of practicing. The sensei stands up.

"Bateh! Come here!"

Bateh ran in. "Yes sensei?"

"I must congratulate you on how well you are learning. It seems that the new generation of saiyajinns has a leader already."

Bateh blushed. "Well..."

"Bateh, I must give you something." He walked into the back of the dojo and picked up an object off the floor. He pulled the cloth off the top. The sword gleamed in the sunlight.

"Sensei, thank you, thank you! It is truly a beautiful sword."

"It is also deadly, and you must learn never to use it for evil."

Bateh nodded his head. He bowed and ran off. The sensei smiled. In Bateh he saw himself in his younger years. That night, after Bateh had finished eating, he went to the dojo to thank the sensei again. When he arrived outside the dojo Bateh heard voices from inside. One he knew was the sensei's, the other sounded like, the village elder...

The elder said, "What is this?! I hear you are teaching your students the new code of battle?"

The sensei said calmly, "In order for my students to become strong, they must know all aspects of comba-ack!"

The elder grabbed the Sensei's neck and lifted him in the air.


The elder's grip tightened. The sensei saw Bateh out of the corner of his eye.

The sensei spoke, "B-Bateh...the sword..."

Bateh looked down at his sword. He looked back at the sensei, struggling for breath. The elder looked at Bateh. His eyes were glowing red. This was the first time Bateh had felt true fear.

The sensei mumbled, "L-Last chance..."

But Bateh stood there, paralyzed in fear of the elder. He wanted to help but his body would not move. The sensei's body went lifeless.

This was your best student? A coward? Hahahaha! Go away boy, and don't return!

Flashback to present...

Bateh's power flared. He charged at the Nap. He pulled his sword from its sheath and it crackled with energy.

"What is this??" the Ruler Nap shouted.

Bateh lifted his sword and screamed, "HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!"

The sword penetrated the Nap's chest and kept going. A bulge appeared on the ruler's back. Suddenly a spray of purple blood went in all directions, and Bateh emerged on the other side of the ruler. He was covered in blood. He looked around at the astonished faces of Mulyn and Ceina. Bateh powered down.

"It's over." Bateh said as he picked up the wand. He tore the Draconball off and threw the handle part back.

Mulyn and Ceina still stood, amazed. Bateh turned around and said, "Let's go, we have no time to waste."