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By: Justin Mazzeo

::As our heroes approach the village, they see smoke rising over the mountains::

Bateh: The village!
Mulyn: We must hurry!

::when the get to the village they find it in ruins::

Bateh: can't be...
Mulyn: Search the rubble!
Bateh: Look over there! Something is moving!

::a large figure rises from the destruction::

????: Ha ha ha. I guess you are looking for the villagers. They tasted like chicken. No, more like fried rice.
????: I am Othlo the Destroyer. I rule this planet.
Bateh: Since when?!
Othlo: Since NOW!

::Othlo's reddish scales quiver over his muscular body. His hands, each with two razor sharp claws gleam in the sunlight.::

Bateh: You die now, foul scorn of hell!

::he charges at Othlo as he draws his sword::

Othlo: Ha. Whatever. I guess its time for dessert!

::Othlo raises his hand to strike but the blade of Mulyn pierces his shoulder::

Mulyn: Gotcha!

::Othlo grabs Mulyn and tosses him into the approaching Bateh::

Bateh:Watch out!

::the two tumble into each other. They fall with a thud::

Othlo: It's time for me to teach you a lesson in manners.
Mulyn: Bateh, I have an idea.
Bateh: No ideas, just kill him!

::Bateh begins to get up, but Mulyn pulls him back down::

Mulyn: Remember the last trick the sensei taught us?
Bateh: Yes! Good idea!
Othlo: No more talk. It's time to eat!

::Mulyn and Bateh drop their swords::

Othlo: Giving up already? Good.

::He walks towards them, speeding up until he is almost running::

Mulyn: NOW!
Bateh: Let's go!

::the two disappear just as Othlo was about to reach them. They reappear behind him::

Othlo: Hey! No fair!

::the two have their hands poised in a fireball position. The aura flows around them::

Othlo: Hey, wait a minute, we can talk about this, can't we? Maybe? Please?
Mulyn: You're right, Othlo, no more talk.
Bateh: Yes, no more talk.

::the swirling blue energy flies at Othlo. Just as it is about to hit him, a hatch on his back pops open and a pudgy red character with a parachute flies out::

Mulyn: Wha?!
Bateh: HUH?

::a sudden wind gust comes up and blows Othlo around::


::he slams into a tree and falls down. Mulyn and Bateh run up to him::

Othlo: I didn't kill them! Really! I'm just a scam artist! Don't kill me, please!
Mulyn: Explain yourself.
Othlo: Well you see, I follow destruction in that robot of mine. Then I take responsibilaty and make the people pay me or I threaten to kill the rest of them.
Bateh: Then who did this?
Othlo: Some old guy. Really powerful. He was in a hurry.
Mulyn: The elder!
Bateh: Damn him!
Othlo: I'll tell you what? If you let me live I'll help you in your quest.
Bateh: What good is a short fat goblin?
Othlo: I'm quite a craftsman. I can make weapons, robots, you name it!
Mulyn: Then you will come with us.
Bateh: Are you sure?
Mulyn: We need all the help we can get.
Bateh: Fine. First we must find Ceina, Reak's sister.
Othlo: Who's that?

::Bateh whacks the goblin away::

Othlo: OW!
Mulyn: Search the rubble, Bateh.
Bateh: I know.
Othlo: Hey guys, something's moving...
Bateh: WHERE?
Othlo: Under me...
Mulyn: MOVE!

::a foot extends from the ground sending Othlo sprawling into a pile of rock. A beautiful young Saiyajinn female dusts herself off::

Ceina: Mulyn?
Mulyn: Ceina!

::the two run to hug each other::

Bateh: Ceina, do you have the Draconball locator?
Ceina: Yeah, why? And where is Reak, he sped off before.
Mulyn: Uhmm...w-w-well...
Bateh: Reak is DEAD now where is that locator?!

::Ceina bursts into tears on Mulyn's shoulder::

Mulyn: We tried to save him...
Bateh: Where is the LOCATOR??!!

::Ceina tosses it to Bateh::

Ceina: (sniffling) Why did you need it?
Bateh: The elder killed Reak and made fusion impossible.
Mulyn: And we can't beat him without fusion.

::Othlo finally returns from the distance::

Othlo: So guys, when do we eat? I'm STARVING!

::the three turn their heads at Othlo. The pudgy goblin straps a helmet to his head::

Othlo: Here we go again...