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By: Justin Mazzeo

::the scene is at an abandoned island, or so it seems.The sound of clashing swords interuppts the silence::

????: Mulyn, give up, you have lost.
Mulyn: Bateh! It is the law that I must kill you! HAA!!

::Mulyn strikes Bateh in the leg::

Bateh: ACK! A good blow. But why must we follow the old fool's law--
?????: Because those who don't, DIE!

::Bateh falls to the ground, unconsious::

Mulyn: Elder! Why did you interrupt my honor battle?
Elder: Bateh was foolish. His hate of me interfered with his fight. He did not use his whole heart.
Mulyn: Do I still gain honor?

::the Elder teleports behind Mulyn and whacks him on the back::

Elder: You will get no honor from me if you ask me so much!

::Mulyn suddenly leaps at the elder sword drawn::


::the elder grabs Mulyn's sword, it crumbles in his hand::

Elder: HAAAAA!

::Mulyn's hand is disintegrated::


::the elder suddenly teleports as the sword of Bateh, now super saiyan whizzes where the elder's head used to be::

Bateh: DAMN!
Elder: So, I am betrayed by my own kind.

::he leaps away just in time, for the blade of another saiyajinn slices the air::

Reak: I, Reak, challenge you to an honor battle.
Elder: So be it, traitor.
Bateh: NO!
Mulyn: DON'T!

::Reak turns super saiyan level two, his blade glowing::

Reak: Your time is over, you old coon!
Elder: Heh, I think not.

::Reak becomes paralyzed in midair::

Reak: Coward, you hide behind your tricks!
Elder: No tricks, just skill. HAA!

::a fireball hits the paralyzed Reak in the chest::

Reak: ARGH!!

::all of the sudden Reak becomes free of the paralyzation::


::his hair begins to grow, his eyebrows thin::

Elder: So, you've mastered the art of Super saiyan three. Very good! It is sad that I must waste such talent.


::Reak's hair is not waist long and his eyebrows totally gone. His muscle mass has greatly increased::

Reak: Super Saiyan three, you can never beat me now!

::the Elder charges Reak, having formed an energy sword on his hand::

Elder: Take this! HA! HUH! HUY!

::Reak dodges the first two hits but is cut by the third. He slices up with his sword::

Reak: HAA!

::the Elder grabs Reak's sword and blasts him sprawling. He then thrusts his foot backward, hitting the incoming Bateh, then spins his foot around to knock Mulyn to the side::

Bateh: Mulyn, we must fusion...

::Mulyn holds up the stump of his left hand::

Bateh: Then, all is lost...
Reak: Mulyn, keep the elder busy while me and Bateh fusion!
Mulyn: Okay!

::Mulyn leaps at the Elder only to be blasted back by a fireball. He attacks again. Meanwhile, Bateh and Reak get ready::

Bateh: FUU-
Reak: FUU-
Both: SION-

::there is an explosion of energy as Mulyn is tossed aside, almost lifeless::

Bateak: Mulyn, I will avenge you.

::Bateak's sword is very large and pulsing with energy::

Bateak: Elder! Your time is up!
Elder: Not a chance, little one.

::the elder now becomes super saiyan::

Bateak: DIEEEEE!

::he speeds towards the Elder::