He kicked with all his might.

His opponents foot went into his chest and rested against his ribs. It went straight threw his battle armor. Luckily the armor stopped some of the force. His blood squirted out of his body and on to his opponent. Even though his opponent's armor was dirty and cracked his blood seemed to glow a bright red on the armor. He could now feel his opponents foot pressing hard against his ribs. He knew he would soon bleed to death unless he did something soon. He stared down at the growing splatter of blood dripping down the enemy's armor. He started to get angry at the site of his blood. This wasn't right he should be winning the honor should be his. His opponents smirk angered him even more. In his anger, though he found power. He lashed out his arms and screamed at the top of his lounges. He stared deep into the eyes of the man in front of him. His dark hair and perky face suddenly grew very grim. In his opponents eyes he could see the reflection of his power flaring up. The bluish purple color swirled around his body and crept up his legs. It then shot out and grew to the height of his stomach. It then covered his entire body. It shaped it self into the form of a fire. The see through flames rolled up and down his sides. His hair started to grow longer and then he could feel his face changing growing grimmer and his. His eyebrows grew smaller and his opponent's smirk turned to a frown. "Super Saiyajin," he heard the man mutter.

His eyes were quickly getting wider. He could now see the flames soak into his body giving him an energy boost like a sugar rush. He new after this exhaust of power he would need to rest so he'd better make it count. He brought his hands back and cupped them. Little tiny flakes of energy were being absorbed from his body and being turned into a ball in his hand. As the ball grew he felt his body getting weaker. The ball went from white, to a yellow, then a bright glowing blue. He knew he'd better use all of his energy in this ball. It was now at least two feet around. He had just enough Ki in him to stand so he better let this go. He could feel it starting to explode in his hand and suddenly he grew scared. What if he didn't have enough Ki to launch it. He was growing very tired very fast. He used all his will power to push his arms out right in the mans face. "Die you bastard. Die!!!!" The giant beam engulfed the man's face and then suddenly the blast was over. Were he once saw a giant blue white beam there was now only a decapitated body. His neck was all black at the stem where a head should have been. He had won but it wasn't over yet.

He fell to the ground with a thud. His Ki was all drained up but he won the battle. Honor was his. He would now be the new Captain of the guards for the king. He laid on the ground staring up at the sky. What was he going to do? He couldn't move and soon the goblins would be out. Maybe the king would come looking for his new captain. Shit that was a hopeless thought. He was doomed! All he could do was sit and wait for the inedible.

He was staring at the sky and saw the sun go down. The moon was begging to come up and he heard noises. First a trampling through the woods then he head voices. "All right lets get him," a screechy voice yelled. He had a little power back but not even enough to stand. He turned his head and saw a group of about seven goblins. If he was stronger he could have killed them easily but he couldn't even stand up. The biggest goblin jumped at him with a giant pitch fork. He put up his arm and powered up. He shot a big beam out of his head which completely swallowed up the goblin in flames. His skin went flying off and then his eyeballs popped out. Then the flames heated up and disintegrated him. He couldn't control his arm after that. It fell to the ground and his eyes started to shut. He tried to stay up and do something but instead he fell asleep. Before he doused off completely he heard the screams of some sort of small creatures.

A couple of hours later he opened his eyes and was surprised to be alive. But what he saw next angered him. The king of Fyhan had him locked up in a cell. King Tetram was his most hated rival. He had trained to fight him all his life. Ever since the king Tetram burned his village and killed his family his destiny was clear. That is why he signed up with king Hinder of Lowland. He showed great talent as a kid and quickly moved up the ladder of command. Then one day he challenged the old Commander of the guard. That is how he got into this whole mess. He was feeling a little better though. He tried to stand but still couldn't. Maybe if he slept one more day he would be okay. He started to close his eyes when the cell door flew open. "Who the hell are you!," someone yelled.

"I am Cyan the new Captain of the guard for Lowland!! You do know that you are my sworn enemy and if I could stand up I would kill you where you stand!" "Ha ha ha you stupid crippled fool! You think you can beat me, even if you could walk I would still kill you right there on that bed," Tetram started to laugh while he walked out of the cell. "Close it up and feed him. I want him to have some strength when we start to interrogate him." The cell door shut and a small dish of slop slid under the steel gate. That was ironic they want him to get stronger but he wasn't even strong enough to get up and eat the damn food! He decided he would sleep now and eat in the morning. If he could get up.
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