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The New Power

By :Joe Nadeau

The next day, Goku, Yamcha, Krillin, and Wadeau went off for a camp out. "Wish Gohan could of come with us" said Krillin, "So do I but it might be to dangerous" said Goku. As they got to the middle of the forest, they heared a strange sound, "What's that?" asked Wadeau, "I don't know, but lets find out" said Yamcha. They walked to where they heared the sound and found a space pod. Then it open and out came a boy with spikey hair who look as old as wadeau. "Who are you?" asked Wadeau, " My name is Joko".

"I remember you , you were on the invisible space ship when Bulma, Gohan and I were going to Namek" said Krillin "But What are you doing here". " I came because I heared you took care of Freeza", "Yes Joko we did" said Goku, " I remember you with a lower power lever" said Krillin " Well when I left I found a planet, they tought me how to fight without a lazer and I also learned some energy powers" " So I guess you will be leaving soon?" asked Yamcha. "Well I'm staying so I can learn how to fight even if I still carrying a lazer, that and some of my people want to wish back Freeza so they can kill him", "But why would they want to wish back that monster, just to kill him?"

         "They want to get even with him for what he did to there families" said joko, " Well how do we know that you aren't one of them?" questioned Yamcha. "Well you don't, but you have my word I have been sent here to stop my people from wishing Freeza back" , "I think we can trust him Yamcha, because if he was going to wish Freeza back he wouldn't give his word" said Goku. Then a sound like the one they heared when Joko came sounded again, Joko ran in the direction of the sound, then the others went after him. When the other got there they saw Joko and another person fighting, "You can't stop me now Joko I'm too close", said the stranger, " I will always stop you, no matter what it takes" said Joko. The guy fired at Joko with his lazer, Joko dodges the lazer beam and put his hands to the sides of his face.

  Then Joko took a step forward and his firgers and hands out at the stranger, and out of nowhere a enegy beam fired form his hands and hit the stranger. "Now leave, unless you want me to do that at full power?" The stranger shook his head and went back to his space pod and flew off. "Wow, cool move Joko" said Krillin , "Thanks but before I do anything I need to learn your names" , "Well I'm Wadeau, he's Goku, he's Yamcha, and Krillin you already know". Wadeau thought how much he could be a help he could be against what ever was following him, after some training. Then wadeau said, "Hey Goku how about Joko training with us, I mean it would be nice to have someone of my own age around"

   "I think that's a great idea, will you train with us Joko?", "Why not I might need that extra power to stop some of my people " said Joko. "Great, frist thing in the morning we'll start the training" said wadeau. After there conversation they all went to sleep. When they awoke they had breakfast and started to train. Joko took for his laser then Krillin gave him some boots and wrist bands,"What are these for?'', "They're  weighted clothes they are hard to move in but after a while you will get use to it". " How much does your lazer weight" said Krillin", "About twenty pounds", "You should keep on then" , "I get you Krillin" said Joko. After a good day of training they went to get dinner when a five strange little men in saiyan armor came blasting. "Look out Yamcha" said Goku, Yamcha jumped out of the way, but the leg was hit, "Yamcha do you think you can walk" asked Wadeau "No, I can't" replied Yamcha, "Looks like we are going to have to stay and fight then" said Krillin "Not you Krilln you are going to have to get help".

     Krillin nodded and flew off and they hind Yamcha behind a tree. Then the five warriors came two together and became one big warrior, then it said "We are the five, you shall tell us where the Dragon Balls are so we can wish back Freeza our master", " And why should we tell you?"said Wadeau, ''If you don't you shall be destoryed". Yamcha who has the dragon ball that Goku, Wadeau, and Trunks found hinds it in a hole in the tree. "You are wasting our time tell us where the Dragon Balls are" , " We would die before we told you" said Joko, "As you wish" said the five. Then Goku, Wadeau, and Joko ran at the five not knowing what they were getting themselves into.

The End !