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The Majestic

Chapter 1
1552 AD

The thief ran through the night. He ran with the stealth off a lion stalking its prey. His destination was the old mansion. At the mansion was a little 12" by 12" box. The box was pure gold covered with diamonds and rubies. It had the inscription "The Majestic" carved on it. It was priceless and soon it would be his.

His plan had been thought out over and over again until it was perfect. He had even spent many nights studying the guards routes. He had also purchased a map of the museum and memorized everything on it. Now it was time to take his award. He was standing outside the museum waiting for the guards to come outside for their usual perimeter walk. He knew it would be any minute now. He climbed up the ivy growing on the museum wall. He stared at the front door waiting for the guards. After a couple of minutes they came out laughing and joking with each other. He climbed to the second story window pulled out a diamond horn. It was razor sharp and very beautiful to look at. It used to belong to a unicorn until he cut it off. It used to be white but away from the unicorn's magic it turned a shiny black. He only used it for cutting glass and occasionally killing someone. Its beauty was wasted on him. The thief cut a small hole, no bigger than a baseball. He put his hand threw the whole and unlock it. He opened the window slowly and jumped in the room. In the room were tombs, mummies, pictures and other historical crap. the historical significance of this stuff meant nothing to him. All he knew was that in the next room was the Majestic box. He slowly walked across the room making sure to avoid all trip wires and other security devices. This is wear the hard part came. This next door was protected by magic. He knew how to break it but it would take all of his concentration for several minutes. He got on his knees, and began to chant.

This type of barrier required the magic to fight imaginary monsters in his mind to get through the door. In this trance he could easily be killed if he wasn't strong enough. His first fight was with a giant centaur with a huge broad sword in his hand. It was a hard fight and he almost lost his head. The next fight was with two Harpies that almost ripped off his arms. They rushed down before he even knew what was happening. As they were pulling on his arms he used a Lightning spell to give the creatures a shocking experience. Unfortunately that wasn't enough. He blasted them with wind and fire. He realized that none of this was going to work. He pulled out his diamond horn and cast a lightning enhancement on it. He also cast a size enhancer on it. Now he had a Lightning sword. The Harpies came down at him with extreme force. He stabbed the one shocking it to death. Then the other one came down at his back. He spun around and sliced it in half. Sweat was pouring down his face. He almost had it a couple of times. Those few spells he learned almost weren't enough. He was on the final stretch now.

He was now at a giant wall. He looked in both directions and he knew it must be endless. He looked up. No way could he have climbed it. He walked back a ways. He kneeled down and began to chant. This spell was hard to cast plus the consequences could mean his death. He summoned a huge earthquake to knock down the wall. He saw the ground shake and then the wall began to crumble. Huge chunks began to rain down on him. He had to brake the chant and start running for his life. A chunk fell right in front of him then to the side. One huge chunk fell right behind him throwing him to the ground. He looked down and noticed the shadow beneath him. He rolled quickly out of the way as the block came crashing down. The blocks stopped falling and he had a clear path to the end. He saw a ball of light that signified the end. He walked into it. He was now in the room of the Majestic box. He walked into the room and noticed no real security traps. No trip wires, spells, or anything. He walked to the middle of the room and stared at the gold box on top of a stone pillar. It was his and nothing could stop him. He grabbed the box and as soon as his hand touched it he felt the urge to open it. The feeling was to strong to ignore. He opened the box and stared inside. It was empty. The only thing in there was a weird red mist at the bottom of the box. As he was begging to shut the box the mist shot out and into his eyes. Inside his head he heard a voice. "My name is Majestic the conqueror. I have been trapped for thousands of years and now I'm free. I will rule the world again, but first I need a body. Yours will do for now." The mist filled his eyes and blurred his vision. He began to feel very small and then nothing at all. He was a prisoner of his body. Majestic's body now.

Chapter 2

He had been working at that museum for 8 years and never once had been on duty during a break in. Maybe that's why it was surprising to hear a loud crash from the second floor. He and his partner ran up there as fast as there legs would carry them. More out of curiosity then fear. When they got there they knew there was something wrong. There was a simple thief in the room of the of the Majestic box. A room that was never opened past sun set. The thief was not very impressive to look at. He was dirty and poorly dressed. He was also very scrawny, like he hadn't eaten much in awhile. This was normal because there was not much food to go around. But then he screamed out and his head lashed back. His arms pumped up, his veins popped out, his legs became huge, and his face grew grim. He had changed completely. His body had grown all around. Now he was extremely muscular. His chest pumped out ripping his shirt. His hair started to grow longer too. It grew down to his shoulders. He cocked his head back up. His pupils popped into his head leaving his eyes a bright glowing white. He stared right threw the guard. He then started to laugh. It was an evil hysterical laugh. It was not a human voice though. It echoed in echo less room. The voice was a booming demanding voice but he said no words. He just laughed. He stopped suddenly and raised his middle and index finger together quickly. The guard felt his body growing extremely hot, then stretching out. He screamed in agony.

The guards insides painted the room red. The sight of blood made him grow excited. He was free. Free to eat, sleep, and kill. He once had a large army and many followers. He would have it all again. He was Majestic the evil; Majestic the conqueror of worlds. He was unbeatable. His rage couldn't be matched. Nothing could beat him. He was trapped on this planet in that damn box for a long time. He would get revenge on Kaiohshin for trapping him. He picked up the box, that was his prison for thousands of years, and crushed it.

King Kye sensed the evil but didn't know what to do. It was stronger than anything he had ever felt. He adjusted his antennas to the source of the evil. "Majestic!! This is terrible." Jeffrey came flying out of the house. "What is it Kye," asked the shaken up bug. "The most evil force this earth has seen is loose again!" Just then Kaiohshin appeared. "Kye, Majestic was released from his box and he has found a body. I know I sensed him too," said Kye. "I might be able to hurt him but I need you to contact Merlin and tell him to help me seal him away again." Majestic is the strongest evil he had ever come across. He could inhabit any body and enhance the hosts fighting abilities ten fold. "All right, I'll do it," King Kye mumbled. With that Kaiohshin vanished. Kye focused hard and adjusted his antennas again. "Merlin, there is a great evil loose and we need your help to seal it away."

Merlin was in his quarters resting on his bed when he got King Kye's call. Now he knew what he must do. He began to focus and try to sense where the evil was. He felt two great powers about forty miles north of the castle. The one power was obviously greater then the other one. He shot out of the bed and ran to the stables. He grabbed the two fastest steeds and started off. He just hoped he could get there fast enough.

"You fool, you dare challenge me. My power is much greater than yours. Now it is time to get my revenge," Majestic's voice boomed. "I trapped you once I shall do it again. There is still so much you don't know Majestic." Kaiohshin lashed out his arms and powered up. He launched a huge ball of flame towards Majestic. His grim face just smiled. He put out his right arm. He opened up his hand and let the ball hit his palm. Its explosion was muffled in his hand. "Is that the best you can do!" Majestic clapped his hands together and formed a ball in between his hands. He powered up the ball and made it even bigger. It was three times bigger then a basketball now. He pulled it over his head and launched it flying at Kaiohshin. There was no way he could cancel that out. "Bye teacher," Majestic howled out. The ball hit him strait on. Kaiohshin hit the ground hard. He was buried under the earth now. Majestic extended his arm and powered up. He launched another huge ball. "Energy Ball!!" This ball hit where Kaiohshin was buried. Dirt and rock were thrown no top of where he was. Now there was a mountain on top of him. "My revenge is complete. You taught me so much Kaiohshin. I guess I'm the master now. He laughed his evil laugh and shot off.

He was flying towards the most populated area he could find. He wanted to set an example. BAMMM!!!! Something hit him and he went flying into the ground. He launches another fireball down at Majestic. "Shingo HOOO!," screams Kaiohshin!! The ball blows him down into the ground. "Did you think I would be defeated so easily?" Kaiohshin powered up. "AHHHH Genki oo DAA." He fires three more giant balls down on his target. Merlin better get here soon. Majestic flies up. His eyes staring in rage. "You will DIE!!"

Chapter 3

Majestic punches Kaiohshin in the face then punches him again in the stomach. "You bastard die!," Majestic kicks him in the face then clenches both his hands together and pulls them over his head. He swings down with all his might. Kaiohshin dubbed down in pain looks up just in time to see Majestic's two giant fist smashing down on his face. "Ughhh!!!," he grunts as he plummets towards the tall mountains below him. "Ha ha ha you are nothing compared to me," Majestic rushes down and kicks Kaiohshin in the stomach. The blow sends him flying back up threw the sky. Kaiohshin stops himself in mid-air then Majestic appears right above him and punches him in the face then he kicks him in the side sending him flying across the sky. He then appears right above him and kicks him in the back sending him towards the ground. Majestic appears again and right as he is about to kick him in the face Kaiohshin quickly disappears then reappears and uppercuts him in the stomach then jumps up and kicks him in the face. The kick throws him up in the air and then down into the earth. Majestic gets up and wipes the blood from his lip. He sticks his blood stained glove in the mouth and smiles. "Ha ha ha ha ha," he laughs hysterically as he powers up. His blue yellow Ki swirls around his body. The mystical flames strengthen him and heal his body. Electricity crackles around him. All of his cuts and bruises scab over then heal completely. "Those flames are restoring his strength! If Merlin doesn't get here soon he will surely beat me." Kaiohshin lashes out his arms and forms small Ki balls in his palms. He puts the balls together then shoots out a blue beam from his hands. Majestic stops his powering up and puts out his arm to block the beam. As it makes contact with his hand there is a huge exposition. Majestics body is engulfed in flames. Black smoke covers the area and is impossible to see past. Kaiohshin looks around and wonders what kind of damage he did. Could that blast have wounded him? Did he cause any damage? Cold air blows threw the air and clears the smoke. He scans where the smoke had been and sees nothing. He suddenly senses a strong Ki and looks up. Majestic comes flying down with his fists ready to crush him. "Die Kaiohshin!"

Kaiohshin teleports out of the way of his oncoming foe. That was close he thinks to himself. Majestic's enormous body starts to get up. He pulls his fist out of the ground and stretches out his muscles. His scruffy yellow hair waves in the wind. His Ki was so strong you could see faint yellow traces of it around his body and in the sky where he had been. Majestic looked up and stared with rage. His glare was ice cold and Kaiohshin knew this was no longer a game for Majestic. He was angry now and wanted his revenge. "I will kill you. You will not imprison me again. "You know you can not escape me or someone like me from imprisoning you Majestic. Why don't you come peacefully. Leave that body your in and come with. I will train you again show you good ways to use your power. I can make you stronger if you come with me," Kaiohshin tries to bribe him. He wonders if the trick will work. He remembers when he first trained Majestic. A long time ago.

"Majestic you must use your Ki not just your physical strength! You are a long way away from being one of the great fighters of this planet," Kaiohshin was getting irritated with his student. He would not use his great Ki power only his physical strength. He attacked only with punches and kicks although he was strong he was not using his full potential. He had a feeling that he had a great power in him that he could exploit with more training. It had been about a week now since he found the boy. Actually since the boy found him. He didn't know how the boy found him but he felt the boy's strong powers and knew he should train him. The boy said that he was sent to Kaiohshin to train and help protect earth. Kaiohshin listened to the lies foolishly and trained him not expecting what could happen. The boy was strong though and had great potential. He was making Kaiohshin proud so maybe that is why he didn't see the boy's evil. Majestic was probable Kaiohshin's strongest student.

After about a month of training him the boy was almost at his peak. He was stronger then even Kaiohshin. One day while training Majestic said "I think I have learned enough from you Kaiohshin-san." Majestic's small body suddenly started to power up. Powerful blue flames shot out at his feet and engulfed his entire body. They swirled around him like fire and gave their master power. The boy's muscles rapidly got bigger and his pupils disappeared. He grew several inches and his face got grim. "Ha ha ha. Now I shall show you my true power." Majestic charged at Kaiohshin with his Ki flaring around him. Kaiohshin side stepped and kicked him in the gut. All of Majestic's air shot out of his body in one giant exhale. He was now gasping for air. He had no idea that Kaiohshin was so much stronger then him. Kaiohshin looked deep into Majestic beyond physical looks. He then realized that Majestic was a spiritual being. He knew that body wasn't his own. That boy was trapped in his own body. Kaiohshin had to think of a way to trap him. He then remembered the box. He had a gold box given to him as a gift. It was small but it might do the trick. He didn't know if it would hold but he needed to try. He teleported into the room which had his box and grabbed it. He then teleported back out to where Majestic was. He looked around but he was no longer there!

He scanned the forest which they were in but it was useless. Then all of a sudden Majestic appeared in front of him and tried to kick him. Kaiohshin grabbed his foot and swung him over his head then brought him crashing down into the dirt. "You'll need a stronger body then that boy's if you want to defeat me Majestic!" Majestic knew he was right. He slid out of the boy's body. His knew form was that of a red mist. His misty body flew through the air and at Kaiohshin's eyes. Kaiohshin quickly put up the box right in front of him. As most of the mist entered the box he shut it. "Here is your box I hope you enjoy your new home," Kaiohshin yelled at Majestic. The rest of the mist tried to shoot back into the sleeping boy. Kaiohshin put up his hand and shot out a beam which engulfed the mist destroying it. Majestic you are trapped. He then looked at the box and new he would have to keep it real safe. He inscribed "The Majestic" on it and decorated it with rubies in respect for his student. Underneath the inscription he put a warning on it. Kaiohshin took the boy who he sensed also had powers back down to earth. He thought that maybe the source of the boy's new powers was because he had Majestic in him. Kaiohshin left the boy with some mages who trained the boy and made him realize his powers. Kaiohshin named the boy "Merlin". He then gave the box to a strong earthling who he thought could protect it. Some how though it was stolen from him!