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First off I want to answer this; What is DBZ? DBZ stands for Dragon Ball Zet. The Zet was later changed to Z for unknown reasons. Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime created by Akira Toryama (if I spelled this wrong please e-mail me with the correct spelling). It is based off an old Chinese(maybe Japanese?) myth. Dragon Ball Z is my favorite story of all time!!! I have been watching it since I was a little kid. That was kind of weird though because I don't speak or understand Japanese and it was all in Japanese. I just really admired (more like worshiped) the Japanese animation. Ever since seeing that show I have watched as much anime as possible. I even tried to draw it. I'm pretty good too (I was tought by the cousin of one of the DBZ drawers. I was very fortunate to know him. He was a very good drawer and a very good friend). I don't want to go into a deep explanation of the anime. Besides if you don't know anything about it this isn't the site for you. (If any of the above info is wrong e-mail me at the link below.)

Is The DBZ Story Over???!!!

My answer to this is NO. I have created this site for the continuation of the DBZ universe. Here is my idea, why should the DBZ stories be over?? We don't need the DBZ writers to wright them for us. Lets do it our selves!!! I want stories from you, pictures from you, and you to judge for me. This site has only one story and that is mine. It isn't even a complete story yet. If this is to be a great site please send in as much stuff as you can. If you want to be a wrighter or you just want to see a DBZ story posted please e-mail me with your stories. After that I would like you artists out there who have either a scanner or are just computer art talented please send me your stuff and tell me what story it goes to. If a writer doesn't want any pictures added to his story that is his right so please say that at the top (that is say I don't want any pictures attached.) If the writer of a story has his own pictures he wants to add just send them. The last and finall thing I need is just this. Send me what your favorite story is. I will post the votes on this site. At the end of the month I will nominate the best story with a prize and (since I don't have that much space on this site) delete the rest. The winning story stays till it is voted out. This is kind of like a presidency. I'm also going to add a chat room. I had one on my last website but it didn't work out but I plan to bring it back better that ever. I also plan to have a whats new page. Last but not least. If you want any story on here that was deleted or you just want a copy for yourself and for some reason you can't get it yourself e-mail me. I will soon have multiple e-mail addresses for art, votes, and stories. I plan to have the stories and comments sent to I'm also going to have forms for voting and other things like that. Since I have nothing on this site as of now please e-mail me with ideas and other things (STORIES!!!). I plan to post one of my stories as soon as I'm done. One last note please try not to make huge novels. Unless it is really good I'm just going to ask you to condense it. Now that doesn't mean don't send me awsome 100 page stories. I might love it. My site is not ment to critize people or put them down. It is might to inspire you. If your not a DBZ fan please wait I'm starting another page for game stories (stories based off of video games) and I think I might make another page for fantasy stories. Please e-mail me if you think either of those is a good idea. Thank You for your time!!!!!!

P.S. GT (DB grand tour) characters are ok but I prefer Zet characters (DBZ).